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Dear brothers and sisters,                                                                                                               here are some updates about the current situation (03.10.2015), these are independent information from activists and refugees from the terrain. Please keep in mind, that everything is changing quickly, so there is no guarantee that these information will be valid for longer time.

Shortly about the general situation                                                                                   As an outcome of recent changes, and  increased  number of people passing this way, there is now a “humanitarian corridor” organized by governments, leading from Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, into Croatia and further to Hungary and  hopefully your preferred destination. The police in cooperation with humanitarian organisations (Red cross, UNHCR ) are controlling and managing the new route. It often means waiting for hours in lines for crossing the border, or to enter a registration camp, or waiting for organized transport, so humiliating conditions, but still it seems people arrive to their destination in shorter time than before.

To Hungary from Serbia                                                                                                      The north border between Serbia and Hungary (area of Subotica, Horgoš border crossing) became less passable. There is information that people who cross directly from Serbia to Hungary are going under full procedure of asylum and their fingerprints are taken. Besides, because of the new law, which criminalizes »illegal« border crossing, you might face harsh repression. It seems better to avoid crossing from Serbia directly to Hungary, but instead to go through Croatia, where the »corridor« is leading currently.

The route Serbia-Croatia-Hungary                                                                                  The biggest number of crossings from Serbia to Croatia are near Šid (Bapska border crossing). After crossing the border, you will be brought (by buses or police vans) to a camp (Opatovac, 15km from the Serbian border) where they register you (name and picture, no fingerprints). After the registration (it should not last more than 24h)  they will take you by buses or trains towards the Hungarian border. The trip will take you about 5 hours. Be careful, maybe in the hurry they will separate families. Be persistent not to lose your family members. After entering  Hungary (people are transferred from the border to Szentgotthard and Hegyeshalom open camps, on the border with Austria. As far as we know, Hungarian police in the last 10 days did not take fingerprint from people entering over Croatia.                                                                                                                 IMPORTANT! Hungary is building a fence on the Croatian border too. If you want to travel by your own, use the ways where is no fence. It’s not recommended to touch the fence, or to go under it, according to the new law of Hungary, it’s a criminal act and you can end up in prison.

Slovenia                                                                                                                                         At the moment, the large governments-organised »corridor« is NOT going through Slovenia. If Hungary closes its borders and the route changes, it is likely the buses will drive people to Slovenia – but for now it seems better (quicker, cheaper, safer and fingerprint-free) to use the »corridor«. If you arrive individually at the Slovenian border, we are not sure what might happen. If you plan to travel through Slovenia the best is to contact the independent solidarity group (see contacts below) and inform them that you are at the border and plan to enter, so they can monitoring how will the authorities act with your group.

Austria                                                                                                                                      Most people are brought via HU to Hegyeshalom, where you will walk to the Austrian side. In Austria you will get registered (no digital fingerprints so far) and they will take you to a different location. If you are lucky, you might be taken close to the German border, otherwise you need to make the trip by yourself. So far, crossing into GER is possible at the different border points (Salzburg, Tyrol, Upper Austria). Recent days showed that GER police registers people but there were also some possibilities to continue the journey by oneself if one does not want to stay in their camps. Relations between GER and AUT grow more tense each day. As long as Germany keeps their borders open,  Austria will probably do the same.

Please be aware that everything is changing all the time. We would be happy to get updates from you, of course in case you have time and energy for it. Sharing your personal experience about changes and other useful information can be precious for the people who will travel the same way.


In Serbia                                                                                                                                      No border collective> info number: 00381616450529 (viber and what’s up)                    mail:

In Croatia                                                                                                                                    info number: 00385998458911                                                                                                      mail:

In Slovenia                                                                                                                                 info number : 00386 30 321 843 (viber and what’s up, but not online all the time, better to send a message and people will try to call you back)                                                                mail:

Welcome to Europe network > Independent information for refugees and migrants     Web page:                                                                                               Mails:  //

 If you lost your child(ren) there is an EU emergency number: 116000                                        If you are looking for your relatives: +43 591 331 033 33

We wish you a safe journey. Freedom of movement and right to travel for all! Down with fences and walls!Solidarity is our power!

download the info-flyer here the in pdf:

info-flyer (updated 03.10.1015) ENG

info-flyer (updated 03.10.) ARABIC



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Solidarity with people in Ventimiglia


At dawn on Wednesday September 30th two bulldozers and three trucks in
six hours demolished a place of solidarity, built in three months thanks
to the support of migrants and activists from all across Europe. They
believed that by destroying the tents, the kitchen and the showers they
would be able to destroy the No Borders struggle. They were mistaken.
The No Borders camp has shown that solidarity can overcome borders,
contrasting the physicality of the border at Ventimiglia/Mentton with
the inclusivity of the camp, a truly international site of struggle for
the free movement of people.
What we have seen in Ventimiglia is happening elsewhere, in Choucha,
Lampedusa, Calais and Paris: places of resistance, which represent the
internal and external borders of Fortress Europe. The sites of crossing
where the policing of the movement of people is at its most intense and
most brutal. The violence of a horrifically violent journey culminates
here, at these points of entry.
And the violence is not just physical. Kept in a state of legal limbo,
refugees massed at the confines of Europe are being used as pawns in the
political games between states, who waste time squabbling whilst
people’s lives hang in the balance.
When the European Union professes its commitment to “free movement”,
what does this really mean? The mechanisms allowing free movement within
Europe, such as Shengen, are simply a means of enforcing the hierarchy
between citizens and non-citizens. Asylum seekers have no freedom of
movement whatsoever, the restrictive European asylum regime and the
Dublin regulations are the mechanisms which apply to them.
Force and control are not the only strategies deployed by the European
Union, as it oscillates between the complete shutting down of its
frontiers and a racist and classist selectionism, as it attempts to seek
out what benefits it can draw for itself from this humanitarian
disaster. One aspect of this is the capitalist entrepreneurs in the
reception states who seek to profit from the “business” of
humanitarianism, vying for the funds set aside for the reception of
refugees. Another is the exploitation of illegal migrant labour by
states who refuse to regularise the status of migrants, because by doing
so they are deliberately creating a pool of highly vulnerable easily
exploitable workers.

Less than one month ago it was said that in Ventimiglia there were no
longer any migrants, and yet the reality was that there have been up to
220 staying in the camp at any one time. Now they admit that on the day
the camp was destroyed, a group of around eighty migrants who lived at
the camp was broken up, with some being handed over to the police to be
detained and others to the Red Cross. It was called “a day of solutions”.

The border is still closed, however, and the migrants who risked their
lives on the rocks of Ventimiglia beach to claim their right to
self-determination, have been forced onto the streets.

And we, as citizens of Europe who chose to give our solidarity, will
stay by their side. We remain united in our struggle until their
“solutions” stop coming and the border opens. This was the decision that
was taken by the first assembly of the Ventimiglia No Borders camp in
exile. Destroying our things and surrounding us with riot police will do
nothing to resolve the misery that is being caused by this border.

More and more refugees continue to arrive, and the same violations are
perpetrated everyday. The authorities may have taken our shelter, but
they have not broken us. Today we are stronger than ever, more
determined and more united. We are making this international appeal to
all those who, like us, are convinced that this fight has only just
begun and that now is the time to shout in unity with all our might:




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Police and state terror on the border between Serbia and Hungary

Horgos border crossing  ( 15., 16. september 2015)

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The situation is changing rapidly,
it s very chaotic and hard to follow what is going on.
After the brutal police attack at Horgos almost all people left to Croatia.
approx. only 100 people stayed there waiting for a chance to cross.
There are 21 persons  in prison in Hungary they were arrested at Horgoš when they broke through the gate. We dont know exactly the accusations but probably they ‘ll try to criminalize them on the worst way.  If anybody can do something, they need international support!

Since Croatia  also closed it’s borders with Serbia yesterday,
people  are entering  to croatia in all sides through fields.
Right now there are 5000 people in Tovarnik.

Most of the people (coming from Macedonia and Belgrade) are going to Šid now,
we heard that many people are around  Bezdan too (west -north serbia).
So these are the  the new hotspots on the serbo-croatian border.During the last night many people entered Hungary from Croatia.
Migrants who entered HUngary were transferred to Szentgotthard open camp on
the border with Austria, and some of them are already in Austria.

It seems like the authorities try just to  registered people,
and  not really taking their fingerprints.

There was a strong resistance to break the border on Bregana  ( on the
highway border crossing place from Croatia to Slovenia ) and Harmica (the  train track goes there) and probably on other places too.
the police was using teargas and dogs to stop people.
today they started to let families and vulnerable groups inside Slovenia. it goes very slowly.

For many people it s the third border they should break in
so they are exhausted, tired, many people are sick and injured, there is no
water, it s very hot but the nights are cold, no medical aid, nothing.

International solidarity is needed ASAP!
please share these infos
our capacity is very weak
we have some activists on the terrain but they
have no internet no laptops even charging phones
in the middle of nowhere is difficult…we will try to publish more details soon.

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international solidarity! let’s break all these borders together!

(english below)

Nakon brutalnog napada policije na mađarskoj granici (više detalja uskoro), većina migranata je juče nastavila da se kreće od Horgoša (srpsko-mađarska granica) ka Hrvatskoj (uglavnom ka graničnim prelazima Šid i Bezdan). Na granicama je sada potreban svaki vid podrške! Ljudi su premoreni, danonoćno su se opirali represiji bez odmora, boreći se za svoje pravo kretanja. Sada moraju da se suoče sa istim teškoćama i na hrvatskoj granici. Hrvatska je danas zatvorila 7 graničnih prelaza (Tovarnik, Ilok, Ilok2, Principovac, Principovac 2, Batina i Erdut). Ljudi pokušavaju da pređu u malim grupama zaobilazeći blokade. Pozivamo sve ljude u graničnim zonama da pokažu solidarnost i podrže ljude. 

Do jutros je oko 14 000 ljudi ušlo u Hrvatsku. Vlasti transportuju ljude u centre i improvizovane smeštaje, ali ljudi žele da nastave da se kreću! Neke grupe koje su već stigle do slovenačke granice se suočavaju sa tamošnjom represijom od strane granične policije.

Širite ideju o DIREKTNOJ SOLIDARNOSTI sa ljudima koji se bore/putuju. Slovenija pokušava da zatvori svoje granice. Trenutno izgleda zatvoreno ali masivni protesti na granicama mogu stvoriti pritisak! Ne smemo zaboraviti da uprkos svim užasima, ljudi poseduju neverovatnu energiju i  nastaviće svoj put.Mnogi od njih su preživili represiju/nasilje u fašističkoj Mađarskoj i  u Tovarniku gde su juče  ljude zadržavali u čuvanoj zoni (gde su čekali 14 sati da bi nastavili dalje), masa dece, muškaraca i žena je probila  ogradu ili preskakala policijske lance  u znak masovnog protesta.

Novosti iz Slovenije

Poslednje informacije od aktivista sa hrvatsko-slovenačke granice (18.9. 01:00)      “Zaustavili su međunarodni voz za Minhen i poslali oko 100 ljudi nazad u Hrvatsku, a ostale poslali dalje u Sloveniju ali ne znamo gde. Svi vozovi su zaustavljeni do jutra.”

“Voz iz Zagreba ka Austriji sa oko 150 migranata je zadržan na železničkoj stanici Dobova od 19:00. Puno policije  (žandarmerije s psima) je ovde, nije nam dozvoljeno da pričamo sa migrantima, situacija je mirna, svi čekamo”

“Molimo vas recite svima, naročito izbeglicama da se drže zajedno, da idu ka granicama u velikim brojevima. Hajde da organizujemo kamp na granici, veći! Hajde da stvaramo pritisak na otvaranje granica. Male grupe policija deportuje ili stavlja u zatvorene kaznene centre!

150 ljudi koji su uspeli da uđu u Sloveniju su odvedeni u kazneni centar u Postojini. Međunarodni vozovi Srbija-Hrvatska-Slovenija su zaustavljeni. Slovenačka policija je prisutna u Dobovi sa mnogo žandarmerije sa psima. U selo Harmica na hrvatskoj strani granice pristižu male grupe migranata. Sada ih je oko 200, ali je teško tačno odrediti jer nisu svi na istom mestu. Ljudi su počeli da se kreću prema i uz reku Sutlu koja je na granici između Hrvatske i Slovenije ovde na severu. Hrvatska policija je tamo u malom broju i veoma mirna. Slovenačka strana izgleda da predstavlja veći problem ljudima.”                                                                                                                                          “Danas u 18:00 će se održati protest na hrvatsko-slovenačkoj granici (“Rigonce” granični prelaz) gde su ljudi nasilno zaustavljeni. Stvorimo pritisak sa obe strane granice!”


After the brutal police attack on the Hungarian border (more details soon),  most of the migrants yesterday from Horgoš (SRB-HUN border) continued towards Croatia (mostly Šid and Bezdan border crossing points). All kind of support is needed now on the borders! People are exhausted, they were struggling for their right to move, resisting repression days and nights without a rest. Now they have to face the same difficulties on the croatian border as well. Croatia closed today 7 border crossing places ( Tovarnik, Ilok, Ilok 2, Principovac, Principovac 2, Batina and  Erdut). People try to enter in smaller groups bypassing the blockades. We call all people in the border zones to show solidarity and support people.

Till today morning around 14 000 people entered Croatia.The authorities  transport people to refugee camps, but people want to continue and move on! Some groups already arrived to the slovenian border, they face repression from the slovenian border police.

Spread the idea  of DIRECT SOLIDARITY with the people who are traveling/struggling.
Slovenia is trying to close it ‘s borders. Right now it seems to be closed but mass protests on the borders can create pressure! We should not forget that the people  on the move now are very powerful, many of them survived the  repression/violence in fascist Hungary and today in Tovarnik where for some time police held people in a guarded are to hold them back (they were waiting for 14 hours to continue) and the crowd of children, men and women was just destroyed
part of the fence or jumped the police chains after a while as a mass protest.

Updates from Slovenia

Latest info from activists who are on the cro- slo border  ( 18.09.  1 AM):                            “They stopped international train to Munich and send back to croatia around 100 people,  and others are send further in slovenia but we dont know where. all train traffic is stopped until morning.”

“Train from zagreb to austria with approx 150 migrants is
held in train station Dobova from 19:00.A lot of police (riot police and
dogs)is here,we are not allowed to talk with migrants. situation is calm
, we are all waiting.”
“Please tell everybody, especially to refugees to stick together, to go the
border in big big numbers, let us organize a camp on the border, bigger
one. Let ua make pressure to open the borders!
Small groups are taken by police and deported or detained in closed
detention center!

150 people that managed to enter Slovenia were brought to the
detention  center in Postojna.
The international trains serbia- croatia-slovenia are stopped.
The slovenian police is present in Dubove with many special police
forces and dogs. In the village „Harmica“ at the croatian side of the border small groups
of migrants are arriving. Now there around 200 but it is hard to guess,
because they are not all in one place. People started to go towords and
along the river (Sutla river)  that marks the border of cro/slov there,
up north. Croatian police there is only  a few and very calm. Slovenian side seems
to be more of  a problem for the people

“There will be a protest today at 18h on the Cro-Slo border (Rigonce crossing place), where people were stopped by force. Let’s make pressure  from both sides of the border! “

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potrebna podrška SADA na granici/ support is needed NOW on the border.please come!

(english below)


Posebno je potrebno ozvučenje, megafoni, sve što može da pojača glaaaaas.IMG_9332

Migrants hold a poster as they protest at the closed Roszke-Horgos border crossing at the border between Hungary and Serbia in Horgos, Serbia, Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2015. (Tamas Soki/MTI via AP)

Please inform  everybody who can come,
should come NOW to the serbian – hungarian border (Horgoš border crossing) !
Everything is needed, but human presence the most!
Thousands of people are demanding without a break
the opening of the border! Stand up for solidarity, against                              borders and repression!

Call out for an EMERGENCY solidarity action at the Serbian-Hungarian

Since yesterday, when Hungary attempted to close its borders, by
bringing army and heavy police force at the newly built fence, and the
new law criminalising migrants has stepped into force, up to 5000
migrants have been stuck at the border. The point at which most people
have been stuck is the border crossing Horgoš 2 (exact location:,19.978972,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0

) — but the locations might change, or multiply.

The situation is very difficult: there is not enough food, water,
clothes, medicine or shelters. People are sleeping on the bare ground,
there is no place to use the toilet or maintain basic hygene. There are
many people, including women and small children, and new people keep on
arriving all the time. On the Hungarian side, there is the army and
police, with the usual gear of police-dogs, pepper-spray etc.

The situation is very tense, but despite the difficult conditions, the
atmosphere is one of resistance and protest. Some migrants have been on
a dry hunger strike, refusing all food and water until the border is

This is a call out to all activists, for an emergency intervention at
the border – we need people to show solidarity with those stuck at the
Horgoš 2 border crossing. Bring along any food, water, basic medicine,
warm clothes or tents, but above all, physical presence of
self-organised affinity groups is needed! A sounds system and as many
megaphones as possible are really needed, for communication in a big
group of people.

In addition, any trusted information about the developments elsewhere
(such as what is happening on the Serbian-Croatian and
Croatian-Slovenian borders) is also important, as coordinated solidarity
efforts on various points of the route could be crucial. If you do not
have the possibility to come to Horgoš, it would be great if you could
get reliable information about what is happening on the
Serbia-Croatia-Slovenia route, so we can share this with the people on
the Horgoš 2 border crossing.

In solidarity,
no border Serbia collective
noborderserbia [at]
phone: 00381(0)61 64 50 529)

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Voz pun ljudi na sporednom koloseku u Subotici!


Ljudi koji su krenuli sinoć u 22 h vozom za Suboticu, zaustavljeni su na železničkoj stanici Subotica. Policija je tokom noći pokušala u nekoliko navrata da ih “skine” sa voza, ali su odbili. Među njima je dosta veliki broj dece, žena i osoba sa posebnim potrebama. Već više sati su u vozu bez vode i hrane. Ne žele da ga napuste. Ljudi zahtevaju da imaju pravo da prodju granicu kao i svi ostali a ne pešice i krišom. Ima ih nešto manje od hiljadu. Uskoro će im se verovatno pridružiti i ljudi koji su krenuli za Suboticu vozom u 7 ujutro. Ovo je prva ovakva akcija na madjarsko-srpskoj granici (a možda i u Evropi) gde ljudi direktno zahtevaju pravo na slobodu kretanja. Moguče je da će tokom dana biti organizovana akcija solidarnosti u Subotici. Svi zainteresovani mogu da se jave na telefon No borders Serbia 061 64560529.

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