solidarity with Sanaa Taleb and all detained migrants!

by Musaferat (


Sanaa Taleb is a 33 years old moroccan that has been living in greece the last 16
years. She had been working in a shop in the centre of Athens until the 04th April
when she was detained for not having a residence permit in the country. Like the rest
of the detained migrants, she was driven to the detention centre for women in Elliniko
(Athens). This centre has a capacity of 120 persons, and apart from everything else,
has been repeatedly accused for its horrible conditions of detention.
As the limit of 6 months was approaching, which is the limit for the administrative
detention for migrants without residence permits that had been announced by the
government in the past, Sanaa was informed for the decision of the director of the
‘aliens police directorate’ for the extension of her detention for a period of 3 more
months. Together with another on one her fellow detainees and under the support of
solidarity groups they started protesting for this decision and the conditions they were
imprisoned by not accepting the meals they were given by the authorities. Some more
of their fellow detainees that were going to take part in the protest, were forced to
back up, after the threats of the consequences that would have which were given by
the prison guards,
On Thursday 05/11 as she was continuing her protest, she was announced that she
was going to be let free. However, her enthusiasm about these developments didn’t
last for long, as she was driven handcuffed to the Attica Aliens Police Directorate at
Petrou Ralli and then at the airport. When she realised she was taken for deportation
she fought back. As she denounces, the cops that accompanied her beat her, pulled her
by the hair and closed her mouth with their hands. And all this while he was tied hand
and foot. Sanaa managed to prevent her deportation, but she was loaded with criminal
charges of disobedience and destruction of property (damage to the police car).
Through this, we are in front of the first case that a migrant is charged with
disobedience because she did not consent to her deportation. Despite the persistent
request to testify in the presence of her lawyer for the conditions of the deportation
operation, this was not allowed and a testimony was tried to be taken, unsuccessfully,
the next day without any legal support.
After her return to the detention centre of Elliniko on the 6/11, she continued her
protest. However the guards started refusing the packed food the solidarity groups
were handing to the detainees, putting her under pressure but also trying in this way to
turn her fellow detainees against her and isolate her. At the same time, she was
refused to be granted the pills she needed to be able to sleep despite the doctors’
diagnoses that the prolonged detention has consequences on her health. On late
November she was hospitalized guarded in hospital (Dafni) and based on the medical
report a parole request was filed which was also rejected. The morale of Sanaa was
not bent. Specifically, on 14/12/2015 she proceeded on a two-day hunger strike
together with other detainees managing to earn part of their demands which had
mainly to do with the improvement of the prison conditions.
On Friday, January 8, the Sanaa Taleb was “sentenced” by the cops to three more
months of detention. It is the first known case that a woman migrant must complete a
full year of administrative detention. The justification paper she was handed, claims
her detention was extended because her deportation is pending, a claim which
blatantly ignores the fact that her application for asylum hadn’t yet been examined!
Sanaa currently overall faces a criminal court for the categories she was charged with
during her deportation attempt whilst awaiting examination for asylum. She has
driven four times in court on 09.11.2015, on 17.11.2015, on 26.01.2016 and on
01.03.2016 but all four times her case got postponed. The new court is set for May
31, 2016. Her application for asylum was examined on mid February and was denied.
An objection of this decision has been submitted by her lawyer, which was supposed
to be examined on March 9th but was postponed as well.
In her face we do not just see a migrant who stands up against a racist anti-migrant
mechanism that has led her enclosed in a modern concentration camp. We can
distinguish a simultaneous struggle against a patriarchal world that awaits the
prisoners to stoically accept their fate. We see a class struggle against exploitation and
invisibility which the most underrated parts of this world are led to. A fight against a
system of hostile segregations such as those between refugees and migrants, which
while it winks at the first preparing them as the new cheap labor at the same time
demonstrates its sharp teeth to all the others. Because the enclosure in the modern
concentration camps is part of the total war against migrants which is taking place at
the borders where they are killed or entrapped, at the city ghettos they are condemned
to live, at the factories and the fields they are exploited.
We stand in Sanaa’s and her inmates’ side for all the reasons in the world. We invite
all our comrades that realise the importance of this case to organize solidarity actions.
To show once again that the struggle against the world of racism and exploitation
knows no borders. To break once for all the wall of invisibility is trying to be imposed
surrounding the outcasts of their world, but also any form of discrimination that is
trying to divide us.
Immediate withdrawal of all categories that Sanaa Taleb has been charged with
Legal documents for all migrants
Freedom of movement for all

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Podrška zadruzi Oktobar!

^86CA7071B2B36A6C9B0447278F499A4646107F3C9C4D65F391^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrPodrška mestu solidarnosti, jednakosti, antifašističke i antiimperijalističke ideje – društvenom centru Oktobar!  Ljudima koji su povredjeni u napadu nacista želimo brz oporavak.
Bez nacista i fašista na našim ulicama!

No Border kolektiv

Saopštenje povodom napada nacista na Društveni centar Oktobar      ( )

Sinoć, 31. marta, u prostorije Društvenog centra Oktobar su upali nacisti. Sedam muškaraca sa motkama je uletelo u Oktobar u kojem je u tom momentu bilo četvoro ljudi iz našeg kolektiva.  Jednoj osobi iz kolektiva je tokom napada polomljen nos i povređena ruka dok druga osoba ima povrede ruke. Polomljeno je više prozora, ispreturan je inventar, lomljene su flaše i čaše.
Društveni centar Oktobar je mesto posvećeno i izgrađeno na principima jednakosti, slobode i solidarnosti. Oktobar je oduvek bio prostor u kome su dobrodošli svi ljudi koji razumeju ove principe. To je prostor u kome nacisti i fašisti nisu dobrodošli i nikad neće biti dobrodošli. Upravo zbog toga je Oktobar i napadnut.
Zahvaljujemo se svima koji/e su reagovali/e i svima koji/e nam  pružaju solidarnu podršku.
Pozivamo vas da i više nego do sada budete deo Oktobra. Nastavljamo u istom pravcu!

Last night, on March 31st 2016, neo-Nazists attacked the Social Center Oktobar.
Seven men with sticks barged into the Oktobar Center, at a time when four members of our collective were there. One person of our collective has had his nose broken and his hand wounded during the attack, while another member has had his hand broken. Several windows were smashed, our inventory was damaged, glasses and bottles were broken to pieces.
Social centre Oktobar is a place dedicated to and established on the principles of equality, freedom and solidarity. Oktobar has always been a place in which all who understand such principles are welcome. It’s a place in which the Nazists and the Fascists are not welcome and will never be. It is precisely for this reason that Oktobar has been attacked.
We thank all those who have responded and supported us and all those who have shown solidarity.
We invite you, more than ever, to be a part of Oktobar. We will continue in the same direction!
Zadruga Oktobar,
Belgrade, 1 April 2016.
Hier soir, 31 mars 2016, une attaque de néo-nazis a eu lieu contre le Centre social Oktobar.
Sept hommes munis de bâtons ont pénétré dans le centre Oktobar, à un moment où quatre membres de notre collectif s’y trouvaient.
Une personne de notre collectif a eu son nez cassé et a été blessée à la main lors de l’attaque, tandis qu’une autre de nos membres a été blessée à la main. Plusieurs fenêtres ont été brisées, il y a un inventaire des dégâts, il y a des verres et bouteilles cassés.
Le Centre communautaire Oktobar est un lieu dédié et établi sur les principes d’égalité, de liberté et de solidarité. Oktobar a toujours été un lieu dans lequel sont bienvenues toutes les personnes qui comprennent de tels principes. C’est un lieu dans lequel les nazis et les fascistes ne sont pas bienvenus et ils n’y seront jamais les bienvenus. C’est précisément pour cela que Oktobar a été la cible de cette attaque.
Nous remercions tous ceux et toutes celles qui ont réagi et qui nous ont apporté leur soutien et leurs marques de solidarité. Nous vous invitons, plus que jamais, à être une part d’Oktobar. Nous poursuivrons et nous gardons le même cap!
Zadruga Oktobar,
Belgrade, 1er avril 2016…/communique…
Am Donnerstag, den 31. März, sind in die Räume des Kulturzentrums Oktober Nazis eingedrungen.
Sieben Männer kamen mit Schlagstöcken in die Räumlichkeiten, in denen sich zu dem Zeitpunkt vier Personen aus unserem Kollektiv befanden. Einer Person aus dem Kollektiv wurde die Nase gebrochen und der Arm verletzt, während eine zweite Verletzungen am Arm erlitt. Mehrere Fenster wurden zerschlagen, das komplette Inventar wurde zerrüttet, Flaschen und Gläser zerbrochen.
Das Kulturzentrum Oktober ist ein Ort, das den Prinzipien der Gleichheit, Freiheit und Solidarität gewidmet ist und auf diesen Prinzipien aufbaut. Oktober war immer ein Ort in dem alle willkommen sind, die diese Prinzipien verstehen. Es ist ein Ort in dem Nazis und Faschisten nie willkommen sein werden. Und genau aus diesem Grund wurde Oktober auch überfallen.
Wir bedanken uns bei allen, die reagiert haben und uns Solidarität und Unterstützung entgegenbringen.
Wir laden euch ein, noch mehr las bisher Teil von Oktober zu sein.
Wir bleiben auf Kurs!

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HUNGERSTRIKE in detention Kiskunhalas (HU) now!

Solidarity with the hungerstriking people, imprisoned in the migrant jail in Kiskunhalas (Hungary)!

Since more than 3 days several people refuse food in order to struggle for their freedom. They have been arrested after entering Hungary from Serbia. Its really hard to get information but its sure that these forms of resistance are followed by hard repression and isolation. These people are using their bodies as the only weapon against the EUropean prison and border system

More info will follow soon!

check out:


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solidarity with the “march of hope”

A ” March of hope ” has just started from the Idomeni camp to find a way towards Macedonia. More than 1.000 people are are marching. Nothing can stop people’s movement! International solidarity!

Cdg9n7UWEAAaq-y.jpg large Cdgw9bNWEAEOcg0.jpg large


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plakat za protest final

U subotu, 19. marta 2016. od 14 do 16 časova, ispred „Ruskog cara“ u Beogradu (na terasi kafića Obilićev venac 29, na uglu sa Knez Mihailovom ulicom).

U znak solidarnosti, podrške i zajedničke borbe sa našom braćom i sestrama koji se svakodnevno suočavaju s terorom, ilegalizacijom, kriminalizacijom, policijskim i vojnim nasiljem, kao i represijom širom tvrđave Evrope i širom sveta. Pozivamo vas da učestvujete u akciji solidarnosti protiv militarizacije, imperijalističkih ratova, rasističke granične kontrole, ograda, zidova, deportacija, pritvora, zatvora, koncentracionih logora i svih oblika nasilnog sprečavanja slobode kretanja i slobode putovanja za sve!

Dokle god postoje granice, dokle god smo okruženi ogradama i zidovima, Evropska unija je odgovorna za smrt hiljade ljudi, a balkanske države su takođe deo ove ubilačke mašine. Nedavno potpisani sporazum od strane vlade Srbije garantuje slobodno kretanje širom zemlje ubilačke ratne mašinerije – NATO, a sa druge strane, potlačenim ljudima je onemogućena sloboda kretanja. Oni se suočavaju sa vojnom represijom, bodljikavim žicama, suzavcima, zatvorima, deportacijama, kao i mnogim drugim oblicima nasilja.

Oni koji su vodili a i dalje vode imperijalističke ratove, vojne okupacije, eksploatišući ostatak sveta, moraju da preuzmu odgovornost. Jedino rešenje za takozvanu „izbegličku krizu“ je da se okončaju ratovi na Bliskom istoku, Africi, Aziji i širom planete!

Sa zatvaranjem granica, vlade neće zaustaviti kretanje ljudi, (mnogi nemaju gde da se vrate) – tim činom ih samo prisiljavaju da nastave kretanje težim i opasnijim putevima, time posledično podržavaju i doprinose rastu poslova krijumčara.

Uprkos svemu ljudi se samoorganizuju i odupiru represiji u svim mogućim oblicima. Želimo da pozovemo na solidarnost sa pobunjenima širom sveta, ljudima koji štrajkuju, sa svima koji se bore za slobodu kretanja i jednakost bilo gde.

Ujedinjeni možemo da srušimo aparthejdske zidove i ograde, granice, zatvore, koncentracione logore i zaustavimo rasističke kontrole i segregaciju!

Mi ćemo se odupirati i boriti za slobodu kretanja i pravo na dostojanstven život za sve. Protiv svih graničnih režima, svakog oblika kontrole migracija, svakog ograničenja, selekcije ili „upravljanja“ kretanjima naroda … Planeta je za sve!

Za jednakost, slobodu, samoorganizovanje i odgovornost!                                    Dole sa militarizacijom i graničnim režimima!                                                                Protiv Frontex i NATO,  protiv rata i terora nad ljudima!                                            Učinimo našu solidarnost i pobunu vidljivom!

# Antifašistička, antimilitaristička, antikapitalistička borba

 Mreža autonomnih kolektiva


call out by Autonomous collectives network

On Saturday, 19th of March 2016, from 2pm to 4 pm, in front of the “Russian Tzar” in Belgrade ( a terrace café at 29 Obilicev venac , at the corner with Knez Mihailova street)

As a sign of solidarity, support and common struggle with our brothers and sisters who are suffering terror, illegalization, criminalization, police and military violence and repression across the Fortress Europe and all over the world- we are calling you to take part in the solidarity action against militarization, imperialist wars, racist border controls, fences, walls, deportations, detentions, prisons, concentration camps and all forms of forcibly preventing freedom of movement and right to travel for all!

As long as borders exist, as long as we are surrounded by fences and walls the European Union will be committing the killing of thousands of people, and the Balkan states are part of this murder machine too. The recently signed agreement by the serbian government guarantees free movement for the murderous war machine – NATO throughout the country, on the other hand the oppressed people are denied entry, they face military repression, barbed wire, tear gas, push backs, imprisonment and many other forms of violence.

Those who have led and still lead imperialist wars, military occupations, exploiting the rest of the world have to take responsibility, the only solution for the so called “refugee crisis” is to end the war in the middle east, Africa, Asia and all around the planet.

With closing the borders, governments will not stop the movement of people (many have no place to return to) they will only force them to go on on more difficult and more dangerous routes, this way they support and increase the smuggler business, make people more suffer, exposing them to life danger.

Despite everything people organize themselves and resist in all possible forms. So we solidarize with the rebellious people everywhere, with the hunger-strikers and with everyone who fights for the freedom of movement of people no matter where.

United, we can tear down apartheid walls and fences, borders, prisons, concentration camps and stop the racist controls and segregations!

We will resist and fight for a freedom of movement and settlement for all, against all border regimes every form of migration control, every restriction, selection or “management” of peoples’ movements… The planet is for all!

For equality, freedom, self-organization, and responsibility!                        Smash militarism and border-exclusion!                                                              Against Frontex and NATO, against WAR and TERROR on people!                       Make our solidarity and rage visible!                                                                                   # anti-fascist, anti-militarist, anti-capitalist struggle

Bring megaphones, banners, rattles…

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New -more restrictive, more repressive system in Serbia

*prevod na srpsko-hrvatsko-bosanski u nastavku

( the post is composed from reports by Info park and Bordermonitoring Bulgaria)

Serbia has stopped issuing transit documents for migrants. Since now, the new biometric document is only issued and handed out at the Greek-Macedonian border in Gevgelija, where one needs a passport or a similar identification document for that procedure.          To enter and transit Serbia (only for syrians and iraqis)  you need that biometric document. All the Syrian and Iraqi migrants currently in Serbia without this paper are advised to go back to Gevgelija and obtain a biometric document if they want to transit towards EU. Migrants from Syria and Iraq who traveled via Bulgaria to Serbia are also directed back to the Greek-macedonian border to take the new document if they want to transit further towards the EU.

By the new restrictive measures no man between 14 and 60 will be allowed to apply  for asylum in Serbia, only females of any age and males under 14 and over 60 years can do it.  They will be fingerprinted, photographed and given a paper on expression of interest to apply for asylum in Serbia and 72 hours to report to a asylum camp. This is pretty much the same old document which was given to all until a few days ago. This paper doesn’t allow you to travel and leave Serbia via the every day more restrictive corridor (Šid-Slavonski Brod-Dobova etc..), only people with the biometric paper  from Gevgelija are allowed to travel that way.

Males between 14 and 60, if they are caught entering Serbia, will be prosecuted for  “illegal entering” and deported back to the country they have entered. Males who managed to enter Serbia and  tried to apply for asylum were fingerprinted, photographed and ordered to leave Serbia, within 5 days. No paper was given to them.  It’s still not clear what will be the practice after getting this order.

Afghans are not allowed to enter Serbia any more, just like it’s the case for all other nationalities (non syrians or iraqis) since some time. All males from Afghanistan who entered via Bulgaria to Dimitrovgrad in the last 24 hours were arrested and will be deported back. Families were already divided, like in the case  of  a family and an 8-month old child today in Dimitrovgrad. The man was detained and will be deported to Bulgaria, the woman could ask for asylum within Serbia.
There are unconfirmed rumors that there are groups of refugees in the hills and mountains close to Dimitrovgrad near the border. They are afraid of the consequences of the new regulation and refrain from entering Serbia.                                                                             These seems to be the last steps of the  EU plan to reduce the entering to only one “legal” point, which will be under full control.                                                                                                         

SituatioIMG_9849n  in Belgrade    

At the police station in Savska street (the only place where migrants could get registered) authorities stopped issuing transit documents. Only women, children under 14 and men over 60 can apply for asylum now.  Everyone else (most notably men between 14 and 60)  are photographed and fingerprinted, but no paper is given to them – instead, they get an order to leave Serbia in 5 days.                                                        Police presence in the parks and in the area of the train and bus station is increased. Random controls are more often, people who have been sleeping for more than a month in improvised shelters under the roofed constructions and empty train wagons were chased away. It’s not allowed any more to sleep in the area of the train station. Both parks are “cleaned” , people are now forced to hide in smaller groups at new places.

Novi restriktivniji, represivniji sistem u Srbiji

(post je sastavljen od izveštaja Info parka i Bordermonitoring Bugarska)

Srbija je prestala da izdaje papire za tranzit za migrante. Od sada, novi biometrijski dokumenti se izdaju samo na grčko-makedonskoj granici u Đevđeliji, gde je osobi potreban pasoš ili sličan identifikacioni dokument za taj postupak. Da biste ušli i prolazili kroz Srbiju (samo za ljude iz Sirije i Iraka) potreban vam je taj biometrijski dokument. Svim sirijskim i iračkim migrantima/kinjama koji se trenutno nalaze u Srbiji bez ovog papira se preporučuje da se vrate u Đevđeliju i dobiju biometrijski dokument ukoliko žele da pređu ka EU. Migranti/kinje iz Sirije i Iraka koji su putovali preko Bugarske u Srbiju se takođe usmeravaju nazad do grčko-makedonske granice kako bi tamo uzeli novi dokument ukoliko žele da pređu dalje ka EU.

Prema novim restriktivnim merama ni jednom muškarcu uzrasta između 14 i 60 godina neće biti dozvoljeno da se prijavi za azil u Srbiji, već to mogu uraditi samo žene svih uzrasta i muškaraci ispod 14 godina i preko 60 godina. Njima će se uzeti otisci prstiju, biće fotografisani i biće im dat papir o izražavanje interesa da se prijave za azil u Srbiji i rok od 72 sata da se jave u centar za smeštaj azilanata. Ovo je u principu isti onaj stari dokument koji je deljen ljudima do pre nekoliko dana. Ovim papirom se ne dozvoljava putovanje i napuštanje Srbije preko svakog dana sve restriktivnijeg koridora (Šid-Slavonski Brod-Dobova itd ..), već je samo ljudima sa biometrijskim papirima iz Đevđelije dozvoljeno da putuju na takav način.

Muškarci uzrasta između 14 i 60 godina, ukoliko ih uhvate pri ulasku u Srbiju, biće procesuirani pod optužbom za “ilegalni ulazak” i deportovani nazad u zemlju iz koje su ušli. Muškarcima koji su uspeli da uđu u Srbiju i pokušali da se prijave za azil su uzeti otisci prstiju, fotografisani su i naređeno im je da napuste Srbiju u roku od 5 dana. Nije im dat nikakav papir. Još uvek nije jasno šta će biti praksa nakon što neko dobije ovakvu naredbu.

Ljudima iz Afganistana više nije dozvoljeno da ulaze u Srbiju, baš kao što je to slučaj sa svim drugim nacionalnostima (sem ljudi iz Sirije i Iraka) već neko vreme. Svi muškarci iz Avganistana koji su ušli preko Bugarske do Dimitrovgrada u protekla 24 sata su uhapšeni i biće deportovani nazad. Porodice su već bile razdvojene, kao u slučaju porodice i osmomesečnog deteta danas u Dimitrovgradu. Mupkarac je pritvoren i biće deportovan u Bugarsku, žena može da zatraži azil u Srbiji.

Postoje nepotvrđene glasine da su grupe izbeglica u brdima i planinama u blizini Dimitrovgrada blizu granice. Oni se plaše posledica novih propisa i suzdržavaju se od ulaska u Srbiju. Ovo izgleda kao poslednji koraci plana EU da se ulaz suzi na samo jednu “legalnu” tačku, koja će biti pod punom kontrolom.

Situacija u Beogradu

U policijskoj stanici u Savskoj ulici (jedino mesto gde mogu da se registruju migrant/kinje) vlasti su zaustavile izdavanje dokumenata za tranzit. Samo žene, deca mlađa od 14 godina i muškarci stariji od 60 mogu da se prijave za azil sada. Svi ostali (pre svega ljudi između 14 i 60) su fotografisani i uzeti su im otisci prstiju, ali nisu dobili nikakva dokumenta – umesto toga, dobili su naređenje da napuste Srbiju u roku od 5 dana. Prisustvo policije u parkovima i na području železničke i autobuske stanice je povećano. Nasumične kontrole su češće, ljudi koji su proteklih više od mesec dana spavali u improvizovanim skloništima u iole pokrivenim objekatima i praznim vagonima su oterani. Više nije dozvoljeno spavati u oblasti železničke stanice. Oba parka su “očišćena”, ljudi su sada prinuđeni da se kriju u manjim grupama na novim mestima.


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“They will never break us!”

end detention post

People who are detained for long months (and unknown how more they’ ll be) in Corinth  detention center (Greece) showed a powerful fight back. All this time they demanded their freedom in many forms, protests, hunger strikes, writing, publishing. And even though they are forced to stay literary  in a cage, wake up every morning with the picture of the bars –  they did not lose the courage, they are full of ideas and creativeness, spiritual and mental strength to over come injustice, repression, humiliation, torture and all what being detained means.                                                                                                                               They asked for a whiteboard via twitter and started with self organized classes of  English and Spiritualism.

Self-education is power .                                                                                                                 Greetings of resistance for all the brothers in Corinth.                                             #Solidarity with all detained migrants and political prisoners!                              # No fences. No prisons!

english class

English class in the cell

There are many ways how you can show solidarity with people in prisons. If you would like to support you can contact us or other solidarity groups in the movement.

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