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Freedom is where We organize! Solidarity with Ventimiglia!


WHERE is FREEDOM :  Alfano’s plan and the struggle for freedom

find the original article here: https://noborders20miglia.noblogs.org/post/2016/05/16/where-is-freedom-il-piano-alfano-e-la-lotta-per-la-liberta-ita/

The Alfano [interior italian minister, sic] plan failed. Affirming this serenely doesn’t mean ignoring our anger with round-ups in the streets of Ventimiglia, the violence of the cops in the police station and the deportation of 50 people from the french-Italian border and the Hotspot of Trapani, where there are still detained. Obviously, those declarations of the Italian interior minister had real its real concreteness within various abuses and violence. Nervetheless, the “plan to pull back migrants from Ventimiglia”, proudly claimed by the prefecture of Imperia has failed.

In the following days of the Alfano statement, the movement of the travelling people did not stop and tuesday yet, the train line Ventimiglia-Nice stayed closed due to the presence of a group of migrants on the railway in the middle of the day who were trying to cross the border following it. Meanwhile in the police station, cops were having some difficulty to complete the identification of the persons arrested in city: the even more extreme forms of resistance multiplied. The answer of the police headquarters (questura) of Imperia , reinforced by 60 more men – in addition with the 60 useless “Alpini” has been highly forceful and publicized. The goal was certainly to satisfy the racists of this country showing up a reinforced militarized state presence. A violent spectacle. Noneless, it did not substantially block the persons to reach Ventimiglia and even breaking in the border on several points.

Today in Ventimiglia, there is at least 150 migrants, proving by their mere presence how believing to confine women and men with arrests, detention and deportation. If the police didn’t feel any problem with arresting people on the way to the Caritas [only place where they can get food legally, sic] or with their vehement eviction of the Foce del Roya Camp [at the estuary of the river] while migrants were in line to receive a food pack, it does not mean the Alfano Plan managed to break and submit the determination of the persons in travel. Persons jailed in Trapani called us, they are ok (as ok you can be in a detension center…) and they can’t wait to regain freedom to restart their own trip. We are waiting for them here.

After the eviction of the Foce del Roya, a group of migrant found shelter under a bridge. A awfull place, on the riverside of the city but more upstream. In this marginalized zone of the city economy, they found some minimal peace from the everyday vexations of the police. Here, the freedom of those who travel re-organized itself again. In the same days several assemblies took place where appeared on several occasions the strong will to stay together and stand united in front of the police offensive. The migrants decided to participate to the demonstration against violence and deportation, and they clarified on different occasion the reasons of this protest. The concern is as much about the closure of the border as the violence of the Italian and French police. Strong is the desire to get out of invisibility, to reassess their own presence and common will to cross the border. The watchword remains the same: FREEDOM! HURRYA!

^685E807507953E8A7BDD5A658BEFA170C351585B323F81CCD5^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrOur enemies did not really appreciate. Medias as police prove a certain nervousness, trying to deny some of the testimonies that activists gathered and spread. Intimidations towards those same people present on the territory who try to monitor the border went growing. They would have obviously preferred more discreteness. Our trust must not go to those ones, but rather towards the ones who directly testified it to us. We are used to take seriously any hurt perpetrated by the armed hand of the state. We know perfectly how much attention those bodily inflicted injuries as those ones irreparable they will keep with them need. When we use some words like torture, violence, deportation, we don’t do it with a light heart, but the friendship that bounds us to those persons pushes us to say what is happening. Testimonies brought out in our statements get born as promises whispered, and breach out as a shout in front of all the silence surrounding those events. Maybe We will state to gather medical reports. But with or without them, We are not afraid of denials and intimidations We know what we are saying and it will not be an online journal or an officer who will stop to talk.

As person in solidarity, we stay together with those who travel, persisting in supporting those persons that governments would like to see invisible and passive. As ennemies of the borders, We want to give a continuation to the same words pronounced in our recent statements. “To extend solidarity”, “to stop deportations” are not mere slogans for us. To those who support migrants and the action of activists at the border we ask to make a step forward. If, as we said before, the plans of the interior ministry and of the police headquarters did not reached their goals, it doesn’t mean we are not awaiting for a new attacks to the freedom of those travelling without documents. The camp on the river of the Roya is not a safe place, and in the station as in the streets, arrests are continuing. New evictions and deportations could occur. We must be ready, and to not restrain within a role of mere testimony. We don’t miss goals to reach! The first one is the real blockade of any deportation, standing at any arrest and forced displacement of person in travel anyway it is possible. And even if We are not on the way of a deportation, it doesn’t stop anybody to put into crisis the free movement of goods and people in other places, expressing so her or his own solidarity towards migrants. The second objective is to denounce the complicity of those who take advantage of the deprtation system, boycotting by any means necessary, all those who make profit with forced displacement and detention of human beings, starting by the Italian Post Service [facilitating the airplane for the deportation to Sicily]

At the same time we strongly feel the necessity to spread the solidarity, giving concret support to those who are travelling, building materially the possibility for all to act here and now as if the border did not exist. The freedom We are claiming for all needs a grassroots and large dimension that, from practices of everyday mutual aid, breaks brick by brick the legalistic discourse on the management of fluxes, reception, etc. In a few words, We believe that from the relations of direct and widespread solidarity the distinction between legal and illegal loses its pertinence, opeing the way to a form of solidarity towards undocumented persons that put into crisis the systems of control of the Fortress Europe.

Finally, Ventimiglia. In a short time We will publish a statement about today’s events, during which we found ourself protesting together. The presence of persons in solidarity at the borders remains important, but We are aware own mere presence is not enough to make an end to a cage and border regime. This is why we already call for days of action during the month of June, in order to make a step forwards in the international struggle against all borders, anywhere they are.

Freedom is where We organize!                                                                                                    Some persons in solidarity in Ventimiglia                                                                                       On the side of those who travel, against any border!

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free the röszke11


free the horgos eleven


There are 11 people on trial , accused by the Hungarian government for participation in “mass-riot”. They were brutally beaten up and arrested in a riot police attack last year on 16th of September, at the serbian-hungarian border Röszke/Horgoš 2 (after the fence was completed and the border was closed down), when about 5000 people were protesting and demanding their right to free movement.


These 11 people are kept in prison since that day without any support. One of the accused Ahmed H. has been constructed as the “leader”  of the protest (just because he was talking to a megaphone) and accused for a “terrorist attack”. He is on  a separate trial. At least 3 of the accused are obviously specially vulnerable, between them a 64 years old woman and a disabled man in wheelchairs, both of them injured in the war in Syria. Through their examples the international media covered the trial, and it was shown how ridiculous it is to pose these people as a “danger“ for the hungarian state.

see the report here:

Even though the investigation is finished and the trial has started, which  from the legal perspective means that people should have the right to wait for the trial out of the prison, they are still held in custody. At least 3 of them in Kiskunhalas detention, and about the others it’s even not known where they are exactly. All of them are detained without access to medical or psychological assistance. As far as it’s known only the 3 vulnerable persons are presented in front of the court by a Helsinki lawyer. If the court will find them guilty the sentence could be 1-5 years prison time, and  for the syrian man who is accused for “terrorist attack” it can be 10-20 years.

We want it to be clear, we do not intend to criticize  for this absurd and violent act only the Hungarian government, as the most right wing or “evil“ country in EU, like many of the so called “democratic”state institutions, NGOs, and mass media do: the “Horgoš/Röszke” trial is revealing the reality of a system in which state and police violence is never put in question, and in which money and goods can move freely but not people. They are needed only as illegalized cheap workers or consumers.


This is an appeal for action. The accused people need support ASAP! If you are in Hungary or elsewhere and willing to do something, there are few things what u can do: visit the accused, write solidarity letters, put attention in their case during other actions, monitor the trials, share and publish about this case in your networks and wider, help with getting reliable legal assistance for all of the accused, improve the solidarity campaign!

Dates of coming trials:

27 JuneSAM_6506  ( Ahmed H.)                                      29 June, 8 am                                                       30 June, 8:0 am                                                   1 July, 8:00 am

Location : 6722 Szeged, Tábor u. 4. [press must register]

No one should be forgotten! United against all prisons and fences! Free the Röszke eleven! STOP THE CRIMINALIZATION OF MIGRANTS!                                                                              


> http://budapestbeacon.com/news-in-brief/szeged-court-files-criminal-complaint-over-tampered-roszke-testimony/34213

> http://budapestbeacon.com/news-in-brief/judge-orders-new-translations-of-testimony-given-by-roszke-defendants/34084

> http://budapestbeacon.com/public-policy/what-really-happened-at-roszke/27850

in hungarian:                                                                                                                                            > http://index.hu/belfold/2016/04/28/roszkei_osszecsapas_rendor_tanuk_a_szegedi_migrans_perben/


هنالك 11 شخص من حركة, تم إحتجازهم من طرف الحكومة الهنغارية لمشاركتهم في حركة ‘mass-riot’ لقدم تم ضربهم ضرب مبرح و إعتقالهم في هجوم شرطة مضاد للشغب السنة الماضية في السادس عشر من سبتمبر في الحدود الصربية/الهنغارية [Röszke/Horgos]  وهدا كان بعد الإنتهاء من بناء السياج و إغلاق الحدود قفل تام. بينما لازال حوالي 5000 آلاف شخص يحتجون مطالبين لحقهم في حرية التنقل.

هؤلاء 11 شخص تم إبقائهم في السجن مند دلك اليوم بدون أي دعم, أحد المتهمين -أحمد ح.- تم تصنيفه كــ ’قائد’ لهده المظاهرة ]فقط لأنه كان يتكلم في مكبر الصوت[ وتم إتهامه بـ|هجوم إرهابي| وهو الآن في محاكمة منفصلة عن الآخرين. و ما لايقل عن 3 متهمين هم عرضة للخطر. بينهم إمرأة مسنة في الـ64 من عمرها. و رجل معاق في الكرسي المتحرك, الكل منهم أصيب في حرب سوريا. تم جاء الإعلام السخيف الدي غطا هده المظاهرة و حاول جاهدا أن يبين مدى خطورة هؤلاء الناس على الدولة الهنغارية.

أنضر هذا التفرير:

على الرغم من أن التحقيق انتهى وبدأت المحاكمة , و من الناحية القانونية من حق هؤلاء الناس إنتضار الحكم الصادر في حقهم خارج السجن, إلا أنهم مازالوا داخل السجن. 3 منهم على الأقل في سجن كيسكونهالاس. و الآخرون حتى أننا لا نعرف أين هم محتجزون بالضبط. حتى أنهم محتجزون من دون الحق في الحصول على المساعدة الطبية أو النفسية. بقدر ما هو معروف فقط 3 أشخاص المعرضين للخطر يتم عرضهم أمام المحكمة بدفاع المحامي  ‘الهلسينكي’. إذا وجدهم القاضي مدنبين فالعقوبة سوف تكون من سنة إلى خمسة سنوات سجنا. و بخصوص الرجال السوريين الذين هم متهمين بـ’هجوم إرهابي’ فيمكن أن تكون عقوبتهم من 10 سنوات إلى 20 سنة !

نحن نريد أن نكون واضحين, نحن لا ننوي انتقاد هده السخافات او هدا الفعل العنيف فقط الحكومة الهنغارية, على غرار العديد من ما يسمى مؤسسات الدولة “الديمقراطية” والمنظمات غير الحكومية. فقط الإعلام يفعل. فمظاهرة “Horgoš/Röszke” كشفت عن حقيقة النظام من ناحية عنف الدولة و الشرطة و هذا هو موضوع التسائلات. حيث أن الأموال و السلع فقط يمكنها التنقل بحرية لكن ليس الناس. بل هم بحاجة لهم فقط كعمال غير شرعيين رخيصين.


هذا عبارة عن نداء للعمل. الناس المتهمين بحاجة للدعم و المساعدة بأسرع وقت ممكن ! إن كنت في دولة المجر أو في مكان آخر و تتمنى أن تفعل شيء من أجلهم. هنالك أشياء قليلة يمكنك القيام بها: زيارة المتهمين – كتابة رسائل تضامنية – إعطاء إهتمام لقضيتهم في مظاهرات أخرى – مراقبة المحاكمات – مشاركة و نشر عن هذه القضية في الشبكات بشكل أوسع – الحصول على مساعدة قانونية موثوقة لجميع المتهمين – تحسين حملة التضامن!

تواريخ المحاكمة القادمة:

تواريخ المحاكمة القادمة: SAM_6506
يونيو 27 –أحمد ح
الساعة الثامنة صباحا

المكان: 6722 Szeged, Tábor u. 4
|الصحافة يجب عليها أن تسجل|




لا أحد يجب أن ينسى, لنتحد ضد السجون و الحدود, حرروا الـ11 شخص من مضاهرة
توقفوا عن تجريم المهاجرين.


Na suđenju se nalazi 11 osoba, optuženi od strane mađarske vlade za učešće u “masovnoj pobuni ” . Nakon što su brutalno pretučeni , uhapšeni su prošle godine , 16. Septembra na srpsko-mađarskoj granici Röszke/Horgoš 2 (posle završene ograde i potpunog zatvaranja granice), kada je oko 5000 ljudi danima protestvovalo i zahtevalo svoja prava na slobodno kretanje. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dfq2mbssMlM )

Ovih 11 osoba se od tog dana nalazi u zatvoru bez ikakve podrške. Jedan od optuženih, Ahmed H. je „označen“ kao vođa protesta (samo zato što je koristio megafon) i optužen je za „teroristički akt“. On je na odvojenom suđenju. Najmanje tri osobe od optuženih su invalidi i veoma stari ljudi (žena od 64 godine slepa na jedno oko i čovek u invalidskim kolicima, oboje povređeni u ratu u Siriji). Iz priloga Chanel 4 se više nego jasno vidi koliko je apsurdno prikazati ove ljude kao potencijalnu opasnost. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1KbENKTkD)

Istraga je završena i počelo je suđenje – što sa pravne tačke gledišta znači da bi ljudi trebali imati mogućnost da se brane sa slobode – međutim oni su i dalje u zatvoru. Troje od optuženih lica su u pritvoru u Kiškunhalašu, a za ostale se ne zna ni gde se nalaze. Nikome od njih u pritvoru nije pružana medicinska pomoć ili psihološko savetovanje. Koliko je poznato, samo troje ljudi ima advokata kojeg nije država odredila, njih zastupa advokat iz Helsinškog odbora. U slučaju da ih sud proglasi krivim, kazna može biti od godinu do pet godina zatvora, a za čoveka iz Sirije koji je optužen za “teroristički napad” kazna može biti između deset i dvadeset godina.

Želimo da istaknemo da ovaj apsurdni i nasilni čin mađarske vlade nije jedinstven slučaj koji se dešava samo u Mađarskoj, “najgoroj” državi EU ( kao što to neki iz tkz. “demokratskih institucija”, i medija vole licemerno da navode Madjarsku) , već je to uobičajen princip postupanja vlasti nacionalnih država i krvava tradicija onih koji smatraju evropljane superiornijima od ostatka sveta. Ovo suđenje jasno pokazuje činjenicu da se policijsko-državno nasilje nikada ne dovodi u pitanje, i da je u kapitalizmu moguć protok robe i novca ali ne i ljudi. Ljudi su potrebni samo kao ilegalizovana jeftina radna snaga ili potrošači.

Ovo je apel i poziv na akciju. Optuženima je potrebna podrška i pomoć što pre! Ako ste u Mađarskoj ili bilo gde drugde, i želite da pomognete, postoje stvari koje možete uraditi: posetiti optužene, pratiti suđenje, izveštavati o ovom slučaju i na drugim aktivističkim događajima, širiti priču po društvenim mrežama, slati solidarina pisma, pokušati naći nezavisne advokate za ostale optužene, i svojim idejama unaprediti ovu kampanju.

Vreme narednih suđenja:

  1. Jun (Ahmed H.)
  2. Jun, 8h
  3. Jun, 8h
  4. Juli, 8h

Adresa: 6722 Szeged, Tábor u. 4. [mediji se moraju registrovati]

Niko ne sme ostati zaboravljen! Ujedinjeni protiv svih zatvora i ograda! SLOBODA ZA RÖSZKE JEDANAEST! STOP KRIMINALIZACIJI MIGRANATA!

Kampány a szolidaritásért: Szabadságot a Röszke/Horgos per vádlottjainak!

Tizenegy ember ellen folytat tárgyalást a magyar kormány tömegfelkelésben való részvétel vádjával. Tavaly szeptember 16.-án brutálisan megverték, majd letartóztatták őket egy rendőri támadás során a Röszke/Horgos szerb-magyar határnál (a kerítés befejezését és a határ teljes lezárását követően), amikor körülbelül 5000 ember tiltakozott a szabad mozgás jogát követelve. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dfq2mbssMlM )

A tizenegy letartóztatott azóta is börtönben van mindenféle támogatás nélkül. A vádlottak egyikét, Ahmed H.-t a tüntetés “vezetőjeként” pozícionálták (mindössze azért, mert egy megafonba beszélt) és “terrorista támadás” miatt emeltek ellene vádat. Az ő ügyét külön tárgyalják. Egyértelmű, hogy a vádlottak közül három személy halmozottan sérült, köztük egy 64 éves idős nő, illetve egy mozgássérült, kerekesszékes férfi. Mindketten súlyos sérüléseket szenvedtek a szír háború során. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1KbENKTkD)

A nyomozás véget ért és a tárgyalások megkezdődtek, ami jogi vonatkozásában azt jelenti, hogy a vádlottak szabadlábon várakozhatnak az ítélet meghozásáig, ennek ellenére azonban még mindig őrizetben vannak. Minimum hármukat a kiskunhalasi menekülttáborba zárták be, a többiek hollétéről abszolút nincsen információ. Amennyire ismert, mindössze a fent említett három sérült embert képviseli a Helsinki bizottság egyik ügyvédje a bíróság előtt. Amennyiben a tárgyalás során bűnösnek találjak őket, 1-től 5 évig terjedő börtönbüntetést kaphatnak, míg a “terrorista támadással” vádolt férfi esetében az ítélet 10-20 év lehet.

Szeretnénk tisztázni, hogy emiatt az abszurd és erőszakos cselekedet miatt nem kizárólag a magyar kormányt áll szándékunkban kritizálni, legszélsőségesebben jobboldali avagy az EU országainak szörnyetegeként megbélyegezve, ahogy azt sok úgynevezett “demokratikus” állami szervezet, NGO vagy a tömegmédia teszi. A Horgos/Röszke per egy olyan rendszer valódi arcát mutatja meg, ahol állam és rendőri erőszak sosem megkérdőjelezett és ahol pénz és áru szabadon mozoghat, míg az emberek nem. Emberekre csak olcsó, illegális munkaerőként, vagy fogyasztóként van szükség.

Ez egy felhívás cselekvésre. A vádlottaknak azonnali segítségre van szükségük! Ha Magyarországon vagy, vagy bárhol máshol és lépni akarsz, van jó néhány dolog, amit megtehetsz: látogasd meg a vádlottakat, írj leveleket a szolidaritásodról, hívd fel a figyelmet az ügyükre más tevékenységeid gyakorlása során, ellenőrizd a pert, ossz meg információt és publikálj a perről az ismerőseid között és szélesebb körben is, segíts megbízható jogi képviseletet szerezni a vádlottaknak, építsd a szolidaritás kampányt!

A közeledő perek időpontjai :

Június 27. (Ahmed H.)                                                                                                                  Június 29.   8:00                                                                                                                            Június 30     8:00                                                                                                                                Július 1       8:00                                                                                                                                 Cim: 6722 Szeged, Tábor u. 4. ( Press kötelező regisztrálni)

Összefogva börtönök és keritések ellen! Szabadság a Röszke tizenegynek! Vessünk véget a migránsok kriminalizálásának!

Ci sono 11 persone sotto processo, accusati dal governo ungherese per la partecipazione a “riot di massa”. Essi sono stati brutalmente picchiati e arrestati in un attacco della polizia antisommossa il 16 settembre 2015, presso il confine serbo-ungherese di Röszke / Horgoš 2 (dopo la recinzione è stata completata e il confine è stato chiuso), quando circa 5000 persone protestavano e chiedendo il loro diritto alla libertà di circolazione.
(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dfq2mbssMlM )

Queste 11 persone sono tenute in carcere da quel giorno, senza alcun sostegno. Uno degli imputati Ahmed H. è stato accusato di essere il “leader” della protesta (solo perché stava parlando con un megafono) con l’accusa di “attacco terroristico”. È un processo separato. Almeno 3 degli imputati sono particolarmente vulnerabili, tra cui una donna di 64 anni e un uomo disabile in sedia a rotelle, entrambi feriti nella guerra in Siria. Grazie alla loro testimonianza i media internazionali hanno seguito il processo, ed è stato dimostrato quanto sia ridicolo accusare queste persone di essere un “pericolo” per lo Stato ungherese.

Guarda il report qui: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1KbENKTkD)


Anche se l’inchiesta è terminata e il processo è iniziato, che dal punto di vista giuridico significa che la gente dovrebbe avere il diritto di attendere il processo fuori dal carcere, sono ancora tenuti in custodia. Almeno 3 dei quali nel centro di detenzione di Kiskunhalas, e circa gli altri non è nemmeno conosciuto dove sono esattamente. Nessuno dei detenuti ha accesso all’assistenza medica o psicologica. Per quanto è noto solo le 3 persone vulnerabili si sono presentati davanti al tribunale difese da un avvocato di Helsinki. Se il giudice li troverà colpevoli rischiano da uno a 5 anni di carcere, e per l’uomo siriano che è accusato di “attacco terroristico” la pensa può arrivare a 10-20 anni.

Noi vogliamo che sia chiaro, che non intendiamo criticare per questo atto assurdo e violento solo il governo ungherese, come l’ala più a destra o paese “malvagio” dell’UE, come molti delle cosiddette istituzioni statali “democratici”, ONG e mass media fanno: il processo “Horgoš / Röszke” sta rivelando la realtà di un sistema in cui lo stato e la violenza della polizia non è mai messo in discussione, e in cui il denaro e le merci possono circolare liberamente, ma non le persone. Essi sono necessari solo come lavoratori a basso costo illegali o consumatori.

Questo è un appello per l’azione. Le persone accusate bisogno di sostegno al più presto! Se siete in Ungheria o altrove e avete la volontà di fare qualcosa, ci sono poche cose che si possono fare : visitare l’imputato , scrivere lettere di solidarietà , mettere attenzione nel loro caso durante le altre azioni , monitorare il processo, condividere e pubblicare questi fatti sulle vostre reti , aiutare ad ottenere assistenza legale affidabile per tutti gli accusati , migliorare la campagna di solidarietà !

Date del prossime udienze :

Domenica 27 giugno 6506 ( Ahmed H. )
29 giugno 08:00
30 giugno 8 : 12:00
1 Luglio 08:00
Località : 6722 Szeged , Tábor u . 4. [ la stampa deve registrarsi ]

Nessuno dovrebbe essere dimenticato ! Uniti contro tutte le prigioni e le recinzioni ! Libertà per gli 11 di Röszke! FERMARE la criminalizzazione dei migranti !







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breaking the bars of prisons, solidarity letter for Sanaa Taleb,

أختي سناء، يمكن أن يكون كلامي مجرد كلام لا ينفع بشيء ، ولاكن جئتك لأقول لك كم أنت قوية وتشريفي جميع النساء بأسمك، فأبشع شيء في الحياة هو سجن، لن يعرف احد، كم مدى عمق الحزن بداخلك الا من هو سجين متلك. يظنون بسجنهم هذا سوف نستسلم لهم، فلا يعرفون أن قلوبنا أقوى من ذالك الفولاذ من حولنا، لو كنا نخاف لن نترك منزلنا ابدا. ذعواتي معك أختي العزيزة
يوسف سجين متلك

My sister Sanaa, it might be my words just a meaningless words, but I came to you to tell that you are strong and all women should be proud of your name.
The worst thing in this life is the prison, no one will know how much the sadness deeply inside you except who is a prisoner like you.
They think this will make us weak,giving up and surrender to them, but also they think and they don’t know that our hearts stronger than the iron and the bars around us.
If we were scared we could have left our home but we didn’t and we won’t forever.
My heart with you my dear sister.
Youssef a prisoner like you

*Due to technical reasons the last  few post are posted with a delay. In the main while Sanaa Taleb was released on 27th of april 2016.  Sanaa is free again until the examination of her asylum application. Solidarity is our power.

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prison post by brother Y.

The fire ignites inside me,                                                                                                              many cups of water does not extinguish it                                                                               except few tears in few minutes.                                                                                                      The darkness was the biggest fear of mine,                                                                                     now darkness is the one makes me relax,                                                                                         listening to music can make you feel good                                                                                    but closing your eyes and listening to your soul                                                                                 makes you feel better,                                                                                                                            perhaps you will find something you never know about,                                                                a life guided by your heart is better                                                                                                       than the one guided by people’s words.                                                                                               The only relationship which if it is broken will broke you,                                                              is the broken relationship with yourself.                                                                                             The arm against my sadness is a book,                                                                                         how may times i lied  saying                                                                                                                  I am fine…                                                                                                                                                  as all the stories have an end                                                                                                            my sadness also have one…..








                                         made by brother Y.  incarcerated in Corinth, Greece

# free brother Y. and all detained migrants!

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solidarity with Sanaa Taleb and all detained migrants!

by Musaferat (http://musaferat.espivblogs.net/2016/04/01/%CE%B1%CE%BB%CE%BB%CE%B7%CE%BB%CE%B5%CE%B3%CE%B3%CF%8D%CE%B7-%CF%83%CF%84%CE%B7-sanaa-taleb-%CE%BA%CE%B1%CE%B9-%CF%83%CF%84%CE%B9%CF%82-%CF%83%CF%85%CE%B3%CE%BA%CF%81%CE%B1%CF%84%CE%BF%CF%8D%CE%BC/)


Sanaa Taleb is a 33 years old moroccan that has been living in greece the last 16
years. She had been working in a shop in the centre of Athens until the 04th April
when she was detained for not having a residence permit in the country. Like the rest
of the detained migrants, she was driven to the detention centre for women in Elliniko
(Athens). This centre has a capacity of 120 persons, and apart from everything else,
has been repeatedly accused for its horrible conditions of detention.
As the limit of 6 months was approaching, which is the limit for the administrative
detention for migrants without residence permits that had been announced by the
government in the past, Sanaa was informed for the decision of the director of the
‘aliens police directorate’ for the extension of her detention for a period of 3 more
months. Together with another on one her fellow detainees and under the support of
solidarity groups they started protesting for this decision and the conditions they were
imprisoned by not accepting the meals they were given by the authorities. Some more
of their fellow detainees that were going to take part in the protest, were forced to
back up, after the threats of the consequences that would have which were given by
the prison guards,
On Thursday 05/11 as she was continuing her protest, she was announced that she
was going to be let free. However, her enthusiasm about these developments didn’t
last for long, as she was driven handcuffed to the Attica Aliens Police Directorate at
Petrou Ralli and then at the airport. When she realised she was taken for deportation
she fought back. As she denounces, the cops that accompanied her beat her, pulled her
by the hair and closed her mouth with their hands. And all this while he was tied hand
and foot. Sanaa managed to prevent her deportation, but she was loaded with criminal
charges of disobedience and destruction of property (damage to the police car).
Through this, we are in front of the first case that a migrant is charged with
disobedience because she did not consent to her deportation. Despite the persistent
request to testify in the presence of her lawyer for the conditions of the deportation
operation, this was not allowed and a testimony was tried to be taken, unsuccessfully,
the next day without any legal support.
After her return to the detention centre of Elliniko on the 6/11, she continued her
protest. However the guards started refusing the packed food the solidarity groups
were handing to the detainees, putting her under pressure but also trying in this way to
turn her fellow detainees against her and isolate her. At the same time, she was
refused to be granted the pills she needed to be able to sleep despite the doctors’
diagnoses that the prolonged detention has consequences on her health. On late
November she was hospitalized guarded in hospital (Dafni) and based on the medical
report a parole request was filed which was also rejected. The morale of Sanaa was
not bent. Specifically, on 14/12/2015 she proceeded on a two-day hunger strike
together with other detainees managing to earn part of their demands which had
mainly to do with the improvement of the prison conditions.
On Friday, January 8, the Sanaa Taleb was “sentenced” by the cops to three more
months of detention. It is the first known case that a woman migrant must complete a
full year of administrative detention. The justification paper she was handed, claims
her detention was extended because her deportation is pending, a claim which
blatantly ignores the fact that her application for asylum hadn’t yet been examined!
Sanaa currently overall faces a criminal court for the categories she was charged with
during her deportation attempt whilst awaiting examination for asylum. She has
driven four times in court on 09.11.2015, on 17.11.2015, on 26.01.2016 and on
01.03.2016 but all four times her case got postponed. The new court is set for May
31, 2016. Her application for asylum was examined on mid February and was denied.
An objection of this decision has been submitted by her lawyer, which was supposed
to be examined on March 9th but was postponed as well.
In her face we do not just see a migrant who stands up against a racist anti-migrant
mechanism that has led her enclosed in a modern concentration camp. We can
distinguish a simultaneous struggle against a patriarchal world that awaits the
prisoners to stoically accept their fate. We see a class struggle against exploitation and
invisibility which the most underrated parts of this world are led to. A fight against a
system of hostile segregations such as those between refugees and migrants, which
while it winks at the first preparing them as the new cheap labor at the same time
demonstrates its sharp teeth to all the others. Because the enclosure in the modern
concentration camps is part of the total war against migrants which is taking place at
the borders where they are killed or entrapped, at the city ghettos they are condemned
to live, at the factories and the fields they are exploited.
We stand in Sanaa’s and her inmates’ side for all the reasons in the world. We invite
all our comrades that realise the importance of this case to organize solidarity actions.
To show once again that the struggle against the world of racism and exploitation
knows no borders. To break once for all the wall of invisibility is trying to be imposed
surrounding the outcasts of their world, but also any form of discrimination that is
trying to divide us.
Immediate withdrawal of all categories that Sanaa Taleb has been charged with
Legal documents for all migrants
Freedom of movement for all

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Podrška zadruzi Oktobar!

^86CA7071B2B36A6C9B0447278F499A4646107F3C9C4D65F391^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrPodrška mestu solidarnosti, jednakosti, antifašističke i antiimperijalističke ideje – društvenom centru Oktobar!  Ljudima koji su povredjeni u napadu nacista želimo brz oporavak.
Bez nacista i fašista na našim ulicama!

No Border kolektiv

Saopštenje povodom napada nacista na Društveni centar Oktobar      (https://www.facebook.com/notes/zadruga-oktobar/saop%C5%A1tenje-povodom-napada-nacista-na-dru%C5%A1tveni-centar-oktobar/518568021647985 )

Sinoć, 31. marta, u prostorije Društvenog centra Oktobar su upali nacisti. Sedam muškaraca sa motkama je uletelo u Oktobar u kojem je u tom momentu bilo četvoro ljudi iz našeg kolektiva.  Jednoj osobi iz kolektiva je tokom napada polomljen nos i povređena ruka dok druga osoba ima povrede ruke. Polomljeno je više prozora, ispreturan je inventar, lomljene su flaše i čaše.
Društveni centar Oktobar je mesto posvećeno i izgrađeno na principima jednakosti, slobode i solidarnosti. Oktobar je oduvek bio prostor u kome su dobrodošli svi ljudi koji razumeju ove principe. To je prostor u kome nacisti i fašisti nisu dobrodošli i nikad neće biti dobrodošli. Upravo zbog toga je Oktobar i napadnut.
Zahvaljujemo se svima koji/e su reagovali/e i svima koji/e nam  pružaju solidarnu podršku.
Pozivamo vas da i više nego do sada budete deo Oktobra. Nastavljamo u istom pravcu!

Last night, on March 31st 2016, neo-Nazists attacked the Social Center Oktobar.
Seven men with sticks barged into the Oktobar Center, at a time when four members of our collective were there. One person of our collective has had his nose broken and his hand wounded during the attack, while another member has had his hand broken. Several windows were smashed, our inventory was damaged, glasses and bottles were broken to pieces.
Social centre Oktobar is a place dedicated to and established on the principles of equality, freedom and solidarity. Oktobar has always been a place in which all who understand such principles are welcome. It’s a place in which the Nazists and the Fascists are not welcome and will never be. It is precisely for this reason that Oktobar has been attacked.
We thank all those who have responded and supported us and all those who have shown solidarity.
We invite you, more than ever, to be a part of Oktobar. We will continue in the same direction!
Zadruga Oktobar,
Belgrade, 1 April 2016.
Hier soir, 31 mars 2016, une attaque de néo-nazis a eu lieu contre le Centre social Oktobar.
Sept hommes munis de bâtons ont pénétré dans le centre Oktobar, à un moment où quatre membres de notre collectif s’y trouvaient.
Une personne de notre collectif a eu son nez cassé et a été blessée à la main lors de l’attaque, tandis qu’une autre de nos membres a été blessée à la main. Plusieurs fenêtres ont été brisées, il y a un inventaire des dégâts, il y a des verres et bouteilles cassés.
Le Centre communautaire Oktobar est un lieu dédié et établi sur les principes d’égalité, de liberté et de solidarité. Oktobar a toujours été un lieu dans lequel sont bienvenues toutes les personnes qui comprennent de tels principes. C’est un lieu dans lequel les nazis et les fascistes ne sont pas bienvenus et ils n’y seront jamais les bienvenus. C’est précisément pour cela que Oktobar a été la cible de cette attaque.
Nous remercions tous ceux et toutes celles qui ont réagi et qui nous ont apporté leur soutien et leurs marques de solidarité. Nous vous invitons, plus que jamais, à être une part d’Oktobar. Nous poursuivrons et nous gardons le même cap!
Zadruga Oktobar,
Belgrade, 1er avril 2016 http://serbie-droitshumains.blogspot.be/…/communique…
Am Donnerstag, den 31. März, sind in die Räume des Kulturzentrums Oktober Nazis eingedrungen.
Sieben Männer kamen mit Schlagstöcken in die Räumlichkeiten, in denen sich zu dem Zeitpunkt vier Personen aus unserem Kollektiv befanden. Einer Person aus dem Kollektiv wurde die Nase gebrochen und der Arm verletzt, während eine zweite Verletzungen am Arm erlitt. Mehrere Fenster wurden zerschlagen, das komplette Inventar wurde zerrüttet, Flaschen und Gläser zerbrochen.
Das Kulturzentrum Oktober ist ein Ort, das den Prinzipien der Gleichheit, Freiheit und Solidarität gewidmet ist und auf diesen Prinzipien aufbaut. Oktober war immer ein Ort in dem alle willkommen sind, die diese Prinzipien verstehen. Es ist ein Ort in dem Nazis und Faschisten nie willkommen sein werden. Und genau aus diesem Grund wurde Oktober auch überfallen.
Wir bedanken uns bei allen, die reagiert haben und uns Solidarität und Unterstützung entgegenbringen.
Wir laden euch ein, noch mehr las bisher Teil von Oktober zu sein.
Wir bleiben auf Kurs!

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