Eidomeni riots

Yesterday there was a huge protest in Eidomeni (Greek-Macedonian  border), where Macedonian police (supported and arranged by EU)
started to build a fence in the morning, similar to the one on the Hungarian-Serbian and Hungarian-Croatian border. People who  are not from Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq have been stuck there for 11 days already.

There have been various forms of protests for freedom happening.
Since the 23 of November a group of hunger-strikers have sewed  their mouths, demanding to open the border. There have been  several blockades of the railway. We saw lots of creative ways  of struggle (posters, banners, songs,…). A big riot against the border system broke out on saturday 28 of
november. This system is in Idomeni represented by the Macedonian
(FYROM) and also the Greek border police and army, as well as
the fence with barbed wire that was installed. The cops, who keep up a imagined border, received stones, and ‘answered’ by throwing them back at the migrants in the camp and around and using gas- and smoke grenades against the crowd.

Lets oppose the politics of “divide and conquer” that the authorities and institutions use !

no nations – no borders – just people!

The European Union and its member states are responsible, we know it since colonial times and the never ending war machine that is being kept up for the sake of imperial, capitalist  interest.

So we solidarize with the rebellious people in Eidomeni, with the hunger-strikers and with everyone who fights for the freedom of movement of people no matter at which place.

This is an open call for people living in the “core” of the EU monster: in several places there will be protests on Tuesday, the 1st of December. Address the responsible institutions ! make your solidarity and rage visible! Annoy your local repression-institution! Lets be together, smash militarism and border-exclusion.

For self-organisation, freedom and responsibility!

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Solidarity with the protests in Eidomeni!down with categories and selections! free movement for all!

Call for local presence and transnational support!
Solidarity with the protests in Eidomeni!
Freedom of movement through the Balkans for all!


Last Friday the government from Slovenia started to refuse border crossings and the transfer of all refugees and migrants, who cannot proove to come from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Hardly to imagine that the austrian and german ministers did not agree or not even inspire to do such a new massive attack on the refugee movement through the Balkans. And as expected the governments of Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia followed this new policy of selection and closed the borders for the filtered groups as well.

Now thousands of refugees and migrants mainly from Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Morocco are blocked near Eidomeni at the greek-macedonian border, but they immediately started with protests, blockades and hunger strikes.

We call for solidarity with this important resistance to keep open the Balkans corridor:
— by direct support on the spot with infra-structure, food, information and documentation;
— by spreading the demands of the protesters and to give visibility to this resistance to all medias in Europe and beyond;
— to organize information events and solidarity activities everywhere.


Spread and share the following video clips and texts and information as much as possible!


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pariz-mondo-stefan-stojanovic-25(english below)

“Na predlog predsednika Vlade Srbije Aleksandra Vučića, večeras su Most na Adi, palata Albanija i “Pobednik” u Beogradu osvetljeni bojama francuske zastave. Solidarnost sa žrtvama stravičnog masakra…”

041108-M-8205V-006 Fallujah, Iraq (Nov. 8, 2004) - An air strike is called in on a suspected insurgent hideout at the edge of Fallujah, Iraq by U.S. Marines assigned K Company, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, during the opening hours of Operation Phantom Fury. 1st Marine Division, in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), is engaged in Security and Stabilization Operations in the Al Anbar Province of Iraq. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. James J. Vooris (RELEASED)

Fallujah, Irak 2004

Da li je (bio/će biti) neko  solidaran sa žrtvama stravičnih masakra, da li je neko užasnut terrorom u   Palestini, Iraku, Afganistanu, Kašmiru, Libiji, Sudanu, Somaliji, Jemenu, Siriji? Hoće li se neko setiti  žrtava zapadnih  imperijalističkih i kolonijalnih ratova  u Alžiru, Kongu,  El Salvadoru,   Nikaragvi, Čileu, Vietnamu… (lista je predugačka)??? Kao podsetnik evo nekoliko slika onako “blažih”, da ne stavljamo fotografije sa izgorelim dečijim telima od belog fosfora i slično.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

“At the suggestion of Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, tonight the Ada Bridge, Palace of Albania and the” Pobednik(=winner) in Belgrade were highlighted the colors of the French flag. Solidarity with the victims of the horrible massacre … “

Was/Is there solidarity with the victims of the horrible massacres, was there people horrified by the terror in Palestine, Irak, Afghanistan, Kashmere, Libia, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Syria?Will anyone remember the victims of Western imperialist and colonial wars in Algeria, the Congo, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Chile, Vietnam … (the list is too long) ?? As a reminder, here are a few pictures, and this are some of the “mild” ones..


Bolnica u Konduzu (Afganistan) koju je bombardovala vojska SAD-a Oktobar 2015, 30 ubijenih


Neprekidni izraelski teror u Gazi i Palestini

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A manifest on the “Refugees Welcome “

A manifest on the “Refugees Welcome ” Defending the supremacy of white man’s values or a Solidarity movement?

On the 4th of September 2015 a woman shout at my face saying “Go back to your Country” in a “Refugees Welcome” action at a bus station in Barcelona, where I applied for Asylum last year. This action was organized by “Stop Mare Mortum” and followed by an event to celebrate the Spanish “left wing” parties organised by Barcelona en Comú (formerly known as “Guanyem Barcelona”) and it’s leader, Ada Colau. This party and other European “left” and right wing parties using the humanitarian popular speech as “Refugees Welcome” for their own Political interests. I faced white masses chanting “Sí, se puede / Yes, we can”. All this began when i decided to rise my voice and to say: i  am not a “Refugee”, i don’t want your help, i want the same rights as Ada Colau, the same rights as any white European. This was enough for them to confront me with violence, like any classical colonialists. The conclusion of the whole speeches at the action was about “How good / strong are the white people” and call “for European proud and unity”. But what they don’t know that the “Refugees and Immigrants” has already their own plans: free movement and well being as well as to abolish the “zone of being”.

“Refugees and Immigrants” are not a subject seeks help and pity in Europe, they are clearly expressing and showing with in their movement towards European countries from the south to the North the reaction of the coloninized, the movement of the Oppressed to the Colonial land. Immigrants from South America, Morocco and Sahara are mainly going to Spain; people from Algeria, Tunisia and Senegal are migrating to France, from Libya to Italy, from India to England and so on. They are moving from the x-colonies, post-colonial states which are still under the classical colonial system to the land of the colonizer. They are “fleeing” from wars, hunger, exploitation, seeking better chances in life or they just want to enjoy the European city or the lifestyle that built on exploitation, steeling back the resources these colonial geography kidnaping from people of the global south. “The look that the native turns on the settler’s town is a look of lust, a look of envy… And this the settler knows very well: “They want to take our place.” It is true, for there is no native who does not dream at least once a day of setting himself up in the settler’s place.”1 This natural movement of the colonized from the global south to the north is a right to take back, to recover, to have a  a minimum restitution, when the colonized has no where/mean to flee from war, hunger, poverty and exploitation, they go directly to the cause of all this, to the Castle of the colonizer, to the Castle of the white man.

The well known principle that “All human are equal” will be exposed at the same moment that the colonised claim for the same rights of the white man. The colonised people are already in the struggle. Everyday people from the post-colonial states are crossing the European borders and violating their so called “sovereignty” (to expropriate resources and lives), they examine violence in their daily life, they are not Activist, they are not moral, they are angry and oppressed. people of color are arriving to Europe everyday from Africa, Latin America, Asia, and The Arab World, to say we are here, and we will stay! No matter if the European union agree or not, if they militarise the Mediterranean or other Eu Borders, No Matter if they pass new Racist laws to put more control over “Refugees or immigrants” Bodies, the people of color body, the non-European body.

A month later, after the horrific experience in “Refugees welcome” action in Barcelona, On Saturday the 3rd of October, there was another “Refugees Welcome“ action in Vienna. What i realise in the demonstration that was a repetition of the same European humanitarian speech that has to do mainly with defending the European Values, The supremacy of white man’s values. and again there was no Refugees! An old woman from Syria drinking tea at the corner watching the demonstration told me “Those people have nothing to do in their weekend, they are celebrating themselves in a sunny Saturday!”

The Refugees/Immigrants “crises” rise in Europe, because this “Problem” it’s on the European land (Like what happened with the ”Never Again” and the guiltiness in regard to the holocaust), It doesn’t matter the case itself for Europeans as a Political case and struggle that has to do with Colonialism/Racism/Capitalism/Patriarchy, but more for defending their superiority and European Values, then to solve these “Problems” by making another Indigenous pay the costs. I saw people in a carnival celebrating Europe/Whiteness…, but nothing has to do with real struggle against Europe, Eurodac/Dublin Regulation/Frontex/European Union/Colonialism and imperialism in the “Third World”, in the first week of October there was French/Israeli/Russian/American attacks on Syria, Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan. It will never call a solidarity if you support the oppressor and then give aid to the oppressed, you can’t give solidarity to Palestinian refugees and supporting the colonial settler state of Israel, actually you can’t talk about Refugees and not mentioning the Palestinian refugees, “Welcoming” Syrian refugees and bombing Syria. this is not Solidarity, this is Colonial practices.

“The tradition of the oppressed teaches us that the “State of Emergency” in which we live is not the exception but the rule. We must attain to a conception of history that is in keeping with this insight. Then we shall clearly realize that it is our task to bring about a real state of emergency; and this will improve our position in the struggle against Fascism.”2  This State of Emergency that Refugees and Immigrants struggle (for freedom of movement and to enjoy 1% of the privileges of the low European class, that not even questioned or recognise by Europeans) are bushed everyday, and exposes fascist face of Europe clearly. on Monday the 5th of October, a 29 years old asylum seeker from Eritrea died in an Racist attack in Germany, several refugees injured in another Racist attacks around the country.

On Wednesday the 7th of October, i have been invited to a meeting at The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna under the name “Day of Action”, to coordinate and plan the Academy’s activities and what the Academy can do regarding the situation of “refugees”. The meeting was originsed by a Colonialist racist scholar and the audience mainly are Europeans meets to discuss what they suggest for this issue. The first 10 minutes of the meeting was enough to proof the Supremacy base they work on. One of the Activist jump with her 300 Euros shoes and started to give a speech about how the “struggle” should be, with a documentarist filming her, she said literally “My refugees they just arrived”, that was the absolute violent. A colonialist organising the “Day of Action” and his audience that they come to defend and celebrate the supremacy of white man’s values. This issue comes to the table again not because of the Political struggle that People of color do, but to talk and fill the list to be “Politically correct” no more, by mentioning this issue so no one can blame them.

“Refugees welcome” and Activism practises simply works on depoliticising Migration, and transferring the political Decolonial struggle benefits that done by Refugees/Immigrants to a humanitarian work from Europe. We need Revolutionary Solidarity not aid! we need freedom of movement, abolition of migration laws, official papers to stay, Stop controlling and criminalising Refugees/Immigrants with Biometrics and other persecutory and discrimination practices, To have the same rights of any European to decide, Education, Scholarships, work, to study and to have the opportunity to enjoy the white man’s privileges, and to celebrate people of color knowledge, direct action and solidarity for our cause here in Europe and in our homeland, that suffer everyday of Colonialism, Racism/Zionism, Imperialism and Capitalism.

“The European people must first decide to wake up, and shake themselves, use their brains, and stop playing the stupid game of the Sleeping Beauty.

Comrades, we must work out new concepts, and try to set afoot a new man.”3             “Revolt, for you have nothing to lose but your chains and your Refugee tents!”4 

Comrades, We must Decolonize Europe! and this can be with one and only way, by abolition the conception of Europe.

source> https://shehade.wordpress.com/2015/10/18/a-manifest-on-the-refugees-welcome/

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Šta znači “imati sve pod kontrolom”???

Razmišljali smo da li da objavimo ovaj post, jer ne želimo upasti u zamku detaljisanja, a opet bez nekih detalja se ne može posmatrati šira slika jer upravo ti detalji  čine tu sliku, i često veoma dobro ilustruju šta se zbiva iza lepo prezentovanih projekata, fotografija i medijskih priloga.

Juče smo ponovo sreli grupu romkinja sa decom na ulici, u blizini parka. Nekoliko puta su već pokušavale da uđu u Miksalište i da zamole za pomoć. Jedna od njih nam je rekla da im ne dozvoljavaju da uđu i da su ih pojedini volonteri nekoliko puta do sada grubo oterali iz Miksališta, govoreći da se ” više ne vraćaju”, da “donacije nisu namenjene romima već izbeglicama” .

Kada su posle izvesnog vremena shvatile da kao romkinje ne mogu dobiti ni konzervu sardine , jedna od njih je rešila da stavi maramu na glavu i da se pretvara da je migrantkinja. Ni to joj nije pomoglo, prepoznali su je i po njenim rečima oterali.

Hoće li neko iz tih organizacija ustati i reagovati, stati u odbranu romkinja, beskućnika i dece koja žive i prinudno rade na ulici ili će i dalje ostati neutralni i politički korektni u svojim toplim kancelarijama štiteći kapitalistički sistem i njegove sluge? Sve ovo neodoljivo podseća na jedno mračno doba kada su se ispisivali rasistički i nacionalistički plakati na kojima je pisalo – “Zabranjeno za …”.

Nekoliko meseci, svake subote tokom akcija solidarnosti Chai Not Borders važio je princip ; sve što se skupi i skuva je za sve. Dolazili su penzioneri, radnici,  beskućnici,  grupa romskih dečaka koji su uvek pomagali prilikom kuvanja, deljenja čaja i donacija. Čaj se nije kuvao isključivo radi čaja već radi druženja sa ljudima, podrške i solidarnosti sa svima, jer ono što nas spaja je da se svi gušimo u kapitalističkom režimu, u kome je profit i zaštita kapitala iznad dobrobiti ljudi.

Jednom prilikom smo zatekli volontera, koji je sa flašom jurio dečaka.                                       “Krade mobilne telefone”- vikao je i pokušavao da plastičnom flašom pogodi dečaka. Da li taj volonter isto reaguje kada bande lopova noću dolaze u parkove, prebijaju i pljačkaju ljude. Da li će taj volonter da interveniše ako policajci dodju u park, rasno profilišu ljude i maltretiraju ih?  Da li će i njih juriti sa flašom u ruci ?

^077771F8F053CF48BF3DF7C3937B690D8E9B469D88BED0F679^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrAko organizujemo i širimo akcije SOLIDARNOSTI i PODRŠKE, onda smo solidarni sa svima, bez izuzetka. Ako pružamo pomoć, ona ne sme da bude selektivna. Inače je to pomoć upakovana u humanitarni rasizam.

Sada su trendovi “migracijski” i svedoci smo nemilosrdne borbe u NGO “sektoru”. Male grupe formirane od volontera preko noći postaju “registrovane organizacije”, otvaraju se računi, započinju se online donatorske kampanje za koje niko ne zna KO i na koji način barata novčanim donacijama i po kojim kriterijumima se usmeravaju, formiraju se fondovi, okupira se mass medijski prostor u svrhu reklamiranja i promovisanja. Objavljuju se fotografije na kojima identitet ljudi i dece nije zaštićen, objavljuju se njihovi podaci zbog kojih u slučaju deportacija u njihove zemlje mogu imati opasne  posledice. Nastaje monopol i hijerarhija koji blokiraju i onemogućavaju rad nezavisnim, nehijerarhijskim, neprofitnim, samoorganizovanim grupama i pojedincima koji nisu deo sistem-kontrol menadžmenta i koji nisu finansirani od strane države, političkih partija, verskih organizacija i kapitalističkih, elitističkih krugova. Obzirom na sistem finansiranja- jasno je na koji način takve organizacije mogu jedino da funkcionišu i ko određuje pravila i limit igre.                                                                                                                                                 Postoje mnoge individue unutar organizacija koje pokušavaju da se izbore za pravo glasa, da ukažu na nefunkcionalnost i surovost sistema ali njihov glas ne može da se čuje jer nailaze na neprobojni zid ćutanja, ucena i cenzurisanja.

Kolaboracija mnogih EnDŽiOista sa policijom je sastavni deo njihovog posla. Reć “nezavisne” postoji u većini slučajeva samo formalno. Na koji način su nezavisne, kako tu nezavisnost pokazuju i ostvaruju na terenu i na konkretnim primerima kada je u pitanju sistemska i policijska represija, kriminalizacija i ilegalizacija?

Veoma je uznemirujuće videti sve te volontere raznih zemalja –  koji su iz nesumnjivo dobrih namera došli da pomognu u doba “krize”- kako su iskorištavani da bi obavljali policijske poslove, formirali uredne redove, i pazili da sve bude “pod kontrolom”. Deluje da nisu svesni da rade za besmislen sistem u kojem hiljade ljudi  pati, ponovo, jer umesto ljudskih života prioritet imaju registracije, uzimanje otisaka, birokratija, papiri…

Teško ostati smiren kada vidite volonterku koja ne može da donese samostalnu odluku, već čeka dozvolu policije da bi “pustila” grupu od 50-ak ljudi (koja se smrzava na ledenom vetru) da se pomeri  5 metara napred i uđe u šator. Ili  zaposlenike, “eksperte” iz Komesarijata za izbeglice koji su se pojavili ujutro na prelazu Berkasovo-Bapska da bi izvršili naređenje policije – da “očiste” teren od ljudi, koji su našli zaklon od prehladnog vetra pokraj kontejnera nekih organizacija.  Jedan od njih je šutirajući  budio ljude i  urlao kako se svi moraju pomeriti. Ni umor, ni stress, ni fustracije ne mogu opravdati ovakve postupke.

^93D537A9012FAC513173FAF36AF11B32BE3A1FAF9B8B12634C^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrJako je bitno da ne zaboravimo da  EU, koja sprovodi i propagira anti-migracionu politiku, gradi zatvore i logore, postavlja bodljikave žice, aparthejdne zidove, jača i militarizuje granice štiteći capital, u isto vreme finansira “humanitarne” projekte i propagira “evropske vredosti” ignorišući i prikrivajući svoje učešće u kreiranju ratova, naoružavanju diktatorskih režima ili fantomske opozicije.

Iza svih tih projekata i politike, ne samo EU već i globalne, ostaju zgrčena tela u kontejnerima ugušenih ljudi, ostaju zatvori u kojima ljudi izvršavaju samoubistva, štrajkuju glađu, ostaju deca koja su razdvojena na granicama od svojih porodica, ostaju nepokretni ljudi u blatu, ostaju neobeleženi grobovi širom Evrope, Sahare, Negeva…  Retko ko će biti spreman da o tome javno govori i da to nazove pravim imenom – eksploatacijom nesreće, ljudske patnje, posledicom krvavih imperijalističkih ratova radi profita i ekploatcije jeftine radne snage, prirodnih i naftnih bogatstava zemalja čija ekonomija je uništena “demokratskim” bombardovanjima od strane zapadnih sila predvođenih kriminalnim NATO savezom. Premalo se priča o životima onih koji žive pod vojnim okupacijama, o onima koji su stradali u nekoj od „ kolateralnih šteta“, ili su žrtvovani radi “bezbednosti granica”.

Možda u ovom tekstu nema konstruktivne kritike, a ne postoji ni zaključak jer ovom ludilu nema kraja ukoliko ljudi ne budu reagovali direktnim akcijama podrške i solidarnosti, i ako se ne budu borili za slobodu, jednakost, za nestanak licemerja, tlačenja, klasnog sistema…

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latest updates 08.11.2015-info flyer

Dear brothers and sisters,                                                                                                               here are some updates about the current situation (08.11.2015), these are independent information from activists and migrants from the terrain. Please keep in mind, that everything is changing quickly, so there is no guarantee that these information will be valid for longer time.

GENERAL INFO                                                                                                             Since Hungary closed its borders (on Friday, 16th of October), the large governments-organized »corridor« has been changed, and it’s AGAIN going through Slovenia. Governments try to slow down the entering and limit the number of people who can enter. This leads to people being stuck for a day or more, unable to continue their traveling, in very hard conditions.            

SITUATION ON ROUTE THROUGH CROATIA                                                      People are entering Croatia at the border crossing Šid. According to the agreement between the Serbian and Croatian authorities since the 3th of November people are taken by organized trains (so far 4 -5 trains per day) directly from  >Šid< (SRB) to >Slavonski Brod< (HR), where the new registration camp is located. The camp in Opatovac is empty now, it will be used only in case when the capacity in Slavonski Brod is full.  The new procedure includes taking fingerprints, but so far fingerprint was not taken from those who refused this procedure. There is wi-fi connection in the area of the camp. After the registration the transport is controlled by the Croatian police. People are transferred by trains from the camp further to Dobova ( Slovenia). Note that the transport in Croatia is free of costs. Many people lost their family members, friends because the police separated them. Please be careful and try to stick together all the time.        

SITUATION ON ROUTE THROUGH SLOVENIA                                                            There is at the moment only entry point into Slovenia (in Dobova, on Slovenian-Croatian border) and only one exit point (in Šentilj on Slovenian-Austrian border). When you are registered in Dobova, you will be taken by buses or trains EITHER directly to the exit point in Šentilj, OR you will be put into one of the accommodation centers for a night, supposedly to rest. These centers are located in Gornja Radgona, Vrhnika, Logatec, and possibly on some other locations. The centers vary in facilities, but some are not heated and do not have a possibility of taking a shower. After spending a night in the one of the accommodation center, you will be taken to the exit point in Šentilj. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: on the Slovenian side of Šentilj border crossing, there is a camp, where food, clothes and medical care can be obtained. When you leave the camp, you might not be able to enter Austria immediately, but might be stuck for long hours in the “no man’s land” between Slovenia and Austria, because Austria is letting people through more slowly. In the “no man’s land”, there is no food, no water, no toilets, no humanitarian assistance – so be prepared and equip on the Slovenian side yourself with everything you might need for a few hours or even a day waiting in the “no man’s land”. If you are feeling sick, make sure to see the doctor before entering “no man’s land”.                                                              Registration procedure. When entering Slovenia, people are registered, around one person every two minutes. Police takes photo and fingerprints (we are not sure if this  fingerprint is sent to the EURODAC database, which could lead to a Dublin deportation back to SLO). Police issues permit to stay for six months (only in Slovene language). During the registration transit process there is no wi-fi in centers, no chargers for phones. Translators employed by police are there only to interpret during registration procedures.

AUSTRIA                                                                                                                                      Austria announced they will not close the border as long as Germany also keeps the border open, so the rumor that Austria closed the border is NOT true, but people have to wait long hours (since entering goes very slowly). People cross the border to Austria mainly at the official crossings at Spielfeld and Radkersburg. Doctors are at the border that you can turn to for free, and  there is WIFI being installed now. After entering to Austria people have to wait again for busses. If you arrive late at night you might have to spend the night there – in big tents – and get on a bus only the next morning. Busses are NOT forcibly going to the German border. This is a rumor, and it is the reason why people who want to apply for asylum in Austria are afraid of getting on the busses. Busses are going to any mass accommodation available, anywhere in Austria. At the moment, you can then either await asylum application OR continue to the German border.
The general situation is, that it is still possible to cross to Germany, but be prepared for some waiting time in the process, as the German police is quite slow in receiving the people.

Please be aware that everything is changing all the time. We would be happy to get updates from you, of course in case you have time and energy for it. Sharing your personal experience about changes and other useful information can be precious for the people who will travel the same way.


In Serbia                                                                                                                                      No border collective> info number: 00381616450529 (viber and what’s up)                                               mail: noborderserbia@riseup.net

In Croatia                                                                                                                                     No border Zagreb > info number: 00385998458911                                                                                mail: noborderzagreb@riseup.net

In Slovenia                                                                                                                         Fronta brez meja info number : 00386 30 321 843 (viber and what’s up, but not online all the time, better to send a message and people will try to call you back mail:  frontabrezmeja@gmail.com Twitter:  https://twitter.com/BrezMeja

Welcome to Europe network > Independent information for refugees and migrants      Web page: www.w2eu.info                                              Mails: w2eu_info@yahoo.com  //  w2eu@hotmail.com                                    Latest updates on the route :      http://live.w2eu.info/

 If you lost your child(ren) there is an EU emergency number: 116000                                     If you are looking for your relatives: +43 591 331 033 33

We wish you a safe journey.  Freedom of movement and right to travel for all! Down with fences and walls!  Solidarity is our power!







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Join the international action day! 31st of October

In order to join the international action day against borders, Fortress-Europe, apartheid walls and fences, and  as a symbolic act of solidarity with migrants in their every day struggle for freedom and dignity  – we  are calling you to take part in  the solidarity action on Saturday, on 31st of October on the Serbian-Croatian border ( Bapska border crossing).

As the comrades from Greece wrote  (http://www.change4all.eu/change-in-action/detail/stop-the-drownings-in-the-aegean-sea-tear-down-the-evros-fence.html) –  we can not be silent facing death and suffer.  As long as borders exist, as long  as we are surrounded by fences and walls the European Union will be committing the killing of thousands of people, and the Balkan states  are part of this murder machine too.

After the meeting on the Western Balkans Migration Route in Brussels (http://europa.eu/rapid/press-release_IP-15-5904_en.htm) plans of mass deportations are already preparing to be carried out, also more increased presence of Frontex in the region is expected, shortly, it’s the time to show unity and resistance, and send a  powerful message:  This madness has to end!

Actions  will take place by the Evros fence, in Sofia,  in Ljubljana, Zagreb…

  Join the international IMG_9415action day!  October 31st,  Bapska border crossing       For details contact the no border collective> noborderserbia@riseup.net

Papers for all                                                     No deportations                                               No to detention camps
Against Fortress-Europe                       
Free movement for all 

An injury to one is an injury to all! Solidarity and direct actions on the borders!




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