ilegalizovani i nakon smrti / illegalized even in death

(eng. translation bellow)

Kao direktna posledica kriminalizacije i ilegalizacije pokreta ljudi bez papira, Ashraf Jabarkhail je pre dva dana  (24.06.2017. ) izgubio život.

Ashraf je živeo u kampu u  Adaševcima, uvidevši potpuni absurd i nefunkcionalnost azilnog sistema i opšte stanje u regionu, kao i svi koji su trenutno zarobljeni u Srbiji pokušavao je da napusti ovaj otvoreni zatvor.  Zajedno sa njegovim drugom  probali  su da nastave put  kamionom sa  benzinske pumpe blizu Adaševca. Kada su primetili da kamion ide u pogrešnom pravcu, skočili su sa kamiona koji je bio u pokretu. Ashraf se rodio u Afganistanu, imao je 18 godina.

Njegov prijatelj ima tešku povredu vrata, i trenutno se nalazi u bolnici u Beogradu.

Kao što smo pisali i ranije, sve veće kontrole i militarizacija granica čini da su ljudi primoreni koristiti sve opasnije puteve, stradanje ilegalizovanih ljudi je nevidljivo, možda se objavi kratka vest o “nesreći”  ili kao u slučaju Ashrafa ni toliko. Užasi sistemskog rasizma i ilegalizacije se nastavljaju čak i nakon smrti.  Ashrafova porodica koja sada pokušava da dobije telo stradalog mladića mora da prelazi kroz torture  birokratije sa drugog kraja sveta, a državni organi uključujući i ambasade, poput  lešinara profitiraju od smrti.  Traže se ogromne pare za procedure transfera tela.

Pored  celokupnog terora  graničnog režima i sistema logora; svakodnevni lov na ljude na granicama, policijske racije (u zvaničnim državnim logorima i mestima gde se ljudi skrivaju dok pokušavaju da idu dalje),  zatvaranja i mučenja ljudi, push-backovi i deportacije,  oseća se  rast rasizma i mržnje među lokalnim stanovništvom.

Ljudi koji borave u kampu u Obrenovcu sve češće izveštavaju o rasističkim napadima lokalnih grupica. Vozači ih ne puštaju u autobuse, deluje kao da su dobili naređenje za to sa ciljem da bi se ljudima otežao, onemogućio dolazak u grad. To je deo rastičke misije da parkovi i BELI GRAD ostane ”čist”.

Krajnje je vreme da počnemo da se edukujemo, da širom otvorenih očiju posmatramo i budemo svesni kako sve militarizuju oko nas, kako kulminira nasilje vlasti, i ne samo  da budemo svesni, već i da hrabro intervenišemo svakom prilikom protiv rasizma i  terora vlasti.

As a direct result of the criminalization and illegalization of the movement of undocumented people, Ashraf Jabarkhail lost his life two days ago (24.06.2017.).

Ashraf lived in a camp in Adaševci, having seen the complete absurdity and dysfunctionality of the asylum system and the conditions in the region in general, like all of us currently trapped in Serbia, tried to escape this open prison. He and his friend tried to continue the travel by truck from a gas station near Adaševci. When they noticed the truck was moving in the wrong direction, they jumped off the moving truck. Ashraf was born in Afghanistan, he was 18 years old.

His friend has sustained a serious neck injury, and is currently in a hospital in Belgrade.

As we wrote before, the ever-bigger controls and militarization of borders makes people forced to use increasingly dangerous ways of travel, the suffering of illegalized people is invisible, perhaps with a short news story about an “accident” or as is the case with Ashrafa, not even that. The horrors of systemic racism and illegalization continue even in death. Ashraf’s family which is currently trying to get the body of the deceased young man, is forced to go through the torture of a bureaucracy from the other side of the world, and the state institutions including embassies, like vultures profit off of death. They are asking for enormous sums of money for the procedures of body transfer.

Besides the overall terror of the border regime and the camp system; everyday hunting of people on the borders, police raids (in official state camps as well as places where people are hiding as they try to continue further on their way), the detentions and tortures of people, the push-backs and deportations, there is  rising of racism and hatred among the local population.

People staying in the camp in Obrenovac are reporting more and more frequently on the racist attacks by the local groups. Drivers won’t let them on buses, it seems like they’ve received orders for that with the goal of making it harder on the people, to make it impossible to get into the city. It’s part of the racist mission to keep the parks and the WHITE CITY (note: the English translation of Belgrade) “clean.”

It’s high time we start educating, watching with eyes wide open and become aware of the militarization happening all around us, how state violence is culminating, and not just to be aware, but to bravely intervene at every opportunity against racism and state terror.

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We will struggle for every moment of freedom

(prevod na naškom dole)

 30th of may

„ My name is Asa, it has been 11 months now that I am passing these hardest days of my traveling.  I am a refugee from Afghanistan. As we know freedom is the right of every breathing being. Right now i am in Belgrade, Serbia, i came here to save my life an be a real servant for human kind but today we are facing a lot of problems by the orders of the governments. They destroyed the place * where more than thousands of refugees passed their nights during their journey and then they send us to camps. But „camp“ is only a name, in fact it is like jail, they dont let us to move freely . Even for shopping. Even the bus drivers dont want to take us.

It seems like we are like the enemy of Serbia. We have many problems around the camp. There is a group of local mafia** , every night they try to beat  the refugees. We cannot move safely in the area outside and around the camp. Inside the camp the commissariat group works ***. Those people behave with refugees in a very inhumane way. In fact they forgot about humanity.  Everyone in Serbia has a pat/animal. If we would touch their pat they are ready to put us in jail forever.  Think about that we are also human. We have fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers.. what will happen to them?

Every one says that smugglers are bad people. First thing i want to ask what is the cause that smugglers started their jobs here in Serbia? The second thing i want to say: who is the bigger smuggler? The government or those who bring a kilo of hashish, when the government today is making business with the lives of thousands of humans? But no one can say anything opposed to this. Why?

Today we are in this problem, but  if these LAWS stay in power, maybe tomorrow you will be in my position. We accept that for most of you, refugees may look like a problem for Serbia, but putting pressure on them(us) will only create more problems. Remember one thing: what you are doing today with us, we will remember it forever. Please for the love and respect of human kind, let us to be free, we don’t want food, we don’t want cloths for what you should pay for, we only want to move freely, just free movement. “

*Place = the squatted warehouses behind the bus station in Belgrade                        **Mafia = gangs of locals that attacks on migrants to express their racist „anger“ or want to collect/steal money from migrants                                                                              *** Commissariat group = Commissariat for refugees under the ministry for social affairs

Some more details about the camp in Obrenovac that was shared by people who are forced to live there

The conditions in the camp are still as bad as in the beginning. There is no warm water. Some of the people went to the river in order to wash themselves.  There is no more cooked food in the camp,  people are not allowed to use the camp’s kitchen, so they cook for themselves on fire outside in the yard of the camp. Since people where sent to the camp (after the eviction of the warehouses that are now completely demolished) this camp was always a place where people were being threatened not to be able to leave or had difficulties to go out.  A few days ago the camp administration implemented a system that only certain people can leave the camp, those who receive a „shopping paper“ – they give it only to one person per „group“.  Outside of the camp there is police patrolling all the time. When they find people, migrants outside of the camp (as people reported) police threatens them to bring them to Preševo (a closed camp near to the macedonian border from where push backs are regularly happening), even there were cases of beatings. People are reporting specially about a worker of commissariat called Mohammed who physically  abuse people, beat and humiliate them. Everybody knows about his sadistic behavior but obviously he has protection from above, plus as usually, all those “experts for refugee issues”  don’t give a shit about it.  There is a cell in Obrenovac camp where people are locked up without food for 24h  as a punishment.  Racial segregation is visible in the public transport, people are refused entry to buses, or are forced to pay enormous amounts just to get to Belgrade.

Every day more than 500 people prepare food in the forest around the camp

On 27th of may the camp administration locked the front door and all exits of the camp. They gave out only few of these “shopping papers” and announced not to give more permission paper. During this month of Ramadan, people usually buy food items in the market  and cook for themselves in the forest of the camp for the fast breaking at night. When people started to organize and were ready to show resistance to this closure, the camp administration decided to opened the gate.

Down with all prisons! No to segregation and isolation!

  Moje ime je Asa, ovo je 11. mesec kako sam na putu, i prolazim kroz najteže dane mog putovanja. Ja sam izbeglica iz Afganistana. Kao što znamo pravo na slobodu ima svako biće koje diše. Sada sam u Srbiji, došao sam ovde da spasim život i da bez ograničenja i pretnji služim čovečanstvu, ali se suočavamo sa mnogo poteškoća zbog naredbi vlada. Oni su uništili prostor koji je bio sklonište za više od hiljadu izbeglica i onda su nas poslali u kampove. Ali „kamp“ je samo ime, u suštini ovo je kao zatvor, ne daju nam da se slobodno krećemo. Čak ni da odemo u nabavku. Ni vozači autobusa nas ne puštaju u autobuse.Deluje kao da smo mi najveći neprijatelji Srbije.

Imamo mnogo problema u ovom kampu. Grupa lokalnih mafijaša svako veče pokuša da uhvati i pretuče nekog od nas. Ne možemo da se bezbedno krećemo van i oko kampa. U kampu rade zaposleni Komesarijata. Oni nas tretiraju na veoma neljudski način. U biti, oni ne znaju za humanost.

U Srbiji svi imaju kućne ljubimce. Ako bi samo dotakli njihove ljubimce oni bi bili spremni da nas strpaju u zatvor zauvek. Mislite o tome da smo i mi ljudi, koji imaju majke, očeve, sestre, braću…. šta će se desiti sa njima?

Svi pričaju o tome kako su krijumčari loši ljudi. Prvo što želim da pitam; šta je razlog tome da su krijumčari mogli da započnu svoj biznis ovde u Srbiji? Drugo;  ko je veći krijumčar,  neko ko prešverca kilogram marihuane ili sve ove vlade, koje prave biznis od života hiljada ljudi? Ali niko ne sme da kaže ništa protiv toga. Zašto?

Danas smo mi u ovom velikom problemu, ali ako ovi zakoni ostaju na snazi možda će oni i vas uskoro ugroziti. Mi znamo da svima deluje da su izbeglice problem za Srbiju, ali ako se stavi još veći pritisak na njih (nas) to će doneti samo još više problema.

Zapamtite jednu stvar, ono što činite danas, o tome će vas pamtiti zauvek. Molim vas radi ljubavi i poštovanju prema ljudskoj vrsti, pustite nas da budemo slobodni. Ne želimo hranu ni odeću, samo želimo da se krećemo slobodno, samo slobodu kretanja.“

Nekoliko detalja o situaciji u logoru u Obrenovcu

Uslovi su i dalje loši kao na početku kad je taj logor otvoren. Nema tople vode, neki ljudi idu na reku da bi se okupali. Nema kuvane hrane u kampu, a pošto ljudima nije dozvoljeno da koriste kuhinju kampa, kuvaju sebi na vatri u okolnom šumarku. Od samog početka, otkada su ljudi prebačeni u ovaj kamp (posle rušenja baraka) prećeno im je da ne smeju napustiti objekat (bivše vojne kasarne) i svako malo im se limitira sloboda kretanja.

Oko kampa neprekidno patrolira policija. Ako uhvate nekoga van logora, osobi se preti da će biti deportovan za Preševo ( zatvoreni logor blizu Makedonske granice odakle ljude redovno deportuju nazad u Makedoniju), takođe poznati su slučajevi fizičkog zlostavljanja ljudi koji su napustili logor bez dozvole. Posebne žalbe stižu na zaposlenog komesariata,  osoba koja se navodno zove Mohammed, koji fizički zlostavlja, bije i ponižava ljude. Svi u upravi znaju o njegovom sadističkom ponašanju ali očigledno je zaštićen od strane svojih nadležnih.  U logoru postoji soba (ćelija) za kažnjavanje gde se ljudi drže zaključano 24časa bez hrane. Rasističke segregacije su sve češće, veoma upadljive u gradskom prevozu, ljudima se odbija ulazak u autobuse (iako se većina lokalaca vozi bez karte) ili im se naplaćuju ogromne cifre za prevoz do Beograda.

Pre nekoliko dana uprava kampa je  pokušala da uvede novi sistem da samo određeni ljudi koji poseduju takozvani „papir za kupovinu“ mogu da izađu iz kampa.  27.maja uprava logora je zatvorila sve izlaze iz logora. Podelili su nekoliko tih papira ( jednoj osobi po grupi)  i objavili da ostali neće dobiti dozvolu za izlazak. Kada su se ljudi pobunili protiv novog pravila, uprava je uvidela da njihov plan neće proći i otvorili su kapiju.


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End state terror! Solidarity with the hungerstrikers in Turkey/Kurdistan

We pass on the statement (in a shortened version) written by individuals in solidarity about two ongoing struggles . Although we dont believe in petitions and adressing state institutions, right now we see sharing information and raising awareness  about those cases as one way to support the aim of people who are targeted by the fascist turkish state …

Hungerstrike of teachers Nuriye Gulmen and Semih Ozakca

Since the coup attempt as part of             in-fighting in Turkey, thousands of democratic public servants were dismissed by the AKP-government.
One of them is the teacher Nuriye Gülmen. She is resisting since November 9th, 2016 to protest her dismissal by emergency laws. Therefore her protest is representing the rights of all other dismissed public workers. At the same time she struggles for the end of the emergency state.
Her sit-in-protest already reached the 193th day. Since the AKP didn’t react to her demands, Nuriye Gulmen and Semih Ozakca, another dismissed teacher, started an unlimited hungerstrike in Ankara on March 9th, 2017.. Their protest already has a big medial attention, but the government still acts deaf. The health of Nuryie and Semih is already seriously in danger. Their situation has worsened massively. Their demands must be fulfilled immediately because their life is really in danger!

It is time for the international community to raise its voice for the struggle of Nuriye Gülmen and Semih Özakça!

On social media, support the hashtag #NuriyeAndSemihAreNotAlone to spread the news, call for solidarity, and ask the government of Turkey to listen to their demands!

You can also contact Turkish embassy in your country. To find the contact numbers  and addresses of the Turkish embassies visit:


The 70-year old Kemal Gun struggles for the dead body of
his son Murat Gun at the Seyit Riza monument in the
city Dersim (Tunceli).
Since November 2016 the corpses of 10 revolutionaries,
whom were killed with chemical bombs during an military
operation by the Turkish Armed Forces are missing.
Until today only two corpses were given to their families.
There’s still no information into the whereabouts of the
other killed persons.
Kemal Gun is continuing an unlimited hungerstrike for 76
days, demanding a proper funeral for his son.
In the past, already Husnu Yildiz has successfully
struggled with a death fast protest for the dead body of         his disappeared brother Ali Yildiz, who had been buried in a
mass grave.
The demand of Kemal Gun has to be accepted immediately.
Every person has the right to bury his or her relative

Its possible to support Kemal Gun with a petition. See a pre-assembled version for a petition on the link below:

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Unite the struggle! Solidarity with the rebels in Belarus

A series of fierce protests broke out all around Belarus in February 2017, continuing throughout March and shaking the foundations of Lukashenko’s decades-old rule. Anarchists were at the forefront, radicalizing both the street confrontations and the proposals advanced by the movement; anarchist tactics spread to many other participants, who joined anarchists in pushing back against aggressive police repression. We interviewed Belarusian anarchists who participated in the movement to prepare this full report.

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Saopštenje povodom rušenja skvotiranih magacina u Beogradu / Statement regarding the evictions of the squatted warehouses in Belgrade

(english bellow)

 Zemlja je za sve nas!                                                                                                           Dosta je bilo rušenja!                                                                                                           Neka odlaze investitori i tajkuni!                                                                                  Neka se useli solidarnost i zajednički život!

(11.05.2017 )

Ovog časa se bagerima ruše skvotirani magacini pored železničke stanice u Beogradu. Čistkom projekta “Beograd na vodi”  već je srušen prvi migrantski skvot “No Border hostel” u Hercegovačkoj,a sada je došao red na magacine koji su bili sklonište za oko 1000 ljudi mesecima unazad.

Pozivamo na pružanje otpora protiv iseljenlja i nasilnog isterivanja ljudi  iz skvotiranih magacina. Naš otpor je zajednički otpor protiv deložacija, jer mi – lokalci , stanovnici  magacina, studentkinje i studenti kao i putnici/-e i ljudi koji radimo u ovom delu grada – sanjamo o novom mestu za život, u kojem naši životi nisu pod kontrolom (kapitala).

Napušteni magacini iza autobuske stanice su skvotirani u avgustu mesecu 2016, nakon “čišćenja parkova”, kada je ljudima zabranjeno da borave u parkovima i ostalim javnim mestima.Ne želimo da romantizujemo život u ovim skotovima, uslovi su preteški,  ali ipak je  to mesto gde su  stvorene samoorganizovane, autonomne strukture od strane ljudi koji su zaglavljeni u Srbiji i ljudi koji su boravili tu da bi pokazali svoju solidarnost. To je mesto, koje su ljudi (oni koji nisu želeli boraviti u državnim kolektivnim centrima) uprkos teškim uslovima nazivali domom, gde su imali slobodu da odu i da se vrate kad oni žele, da kuvaju svoju hranu, da se druže sa lokalnom i internacionalnom ekipom. Malo se zna o autonomnoj organizaciji ovog mesta. Postojala je samoorganizovana kolektivna kuhinja koja je svakodnevno kuvala za stanovnike skvota i lokalne beskućnike,  samoorganizovana škola jezika, organizovale su se radionice i filmske projekcije, zajedničke radne akcije čišćenja i izgradnje infrastrukture itd. Skvotirani magacini zajedno sa otporom porodice Timotijević je frontna linija u borbi protiv projekta “Beograd na vodi”.

Napušteni “Chai khane” (Kuća čaja), skvot, Beograd

Jedna od soba u skvotu

Većina ljudi koji su proveli celu zimu u ovim zgradama napustili su svoje domove zbog rata. A ovde u Srbiji postoji još jedan rat: rat protiv siromašnih koji proizvodi na stotinu deložacija svake godine. I rat na granicama protiv onih koji nemaju (“ispravne”) dokumente . Ti ljudi postaju ljudi zadnje klase, sistem stvara o njima sliku  “neprijatelja”.

Naš Neprijatelji je ubilački sistem granica koji oduzima ljudima slobodu kretanja i uništava živote. Naši neprijatelji su oni koji žele da gradovi (ili delovi gradova) postanu mesta samo za elitu i biznis klasu.

Povod za rušenje ovih zgrada je ništa drugo nego profit nekoliko individualaca i kompanija a nikako korist za nas  ljude.

Sistem kampova (svejedno da li za “naše” ili “internacionalne” izbeglice) u Srbiji se trenuto ubrzano gradi i razvija, a  zapravo su ta mesta kopije takvih istih logora u zemljama EU. Ogroman profit se zarađuje iz samog čina da su ljudi stavljeni na izolovana mesta okružena zidovima i ogradama.

Radnici Komesarijata protiv izbeglica koriste hemikalije tokom izbacivanja ljudi iz svojih soba

Industrijom  tih “humanitarnih” zatvora uglavnom upravljaju organizacije koje pokušavaju učiniti život u kavezu “malo ugodnijim” pružanjem hrane ili higijenskog materijala. Ove usluge su neophodne samo ako se ljudi stavljaju u položaj osobe kojoj treba pomoć. Osoba postane objekt, koja ne može odlučiti sama o svom životu.

Ali danas smo ovde. I svuda smo. Nemoguće je  uništiti sva autonoma i samoorganizovana mesta. Iako isteraju sve ljude i poruše ove objekte, nastaće nova mesta samoorganizacije i otpora.

Ne deložacijama! Stvorimo društvene centre, solidarnost i autonomiju! Sloboda kretanja! Sloboda boravka! Sloboda odlučivanja!


– Pratite šta se događa na twitter-u: @bm_serbia                                                                      – Svratite u skvotirane magacine kod ž-stanice da se solidarišete i da provodimo malo vreme otpora zajedno.                                                                                                                         – Ponesite šta imate da pokažemo da nas ima i da ćemo istrajati (transparente, glazbu, klopu, ..).                                                                                                                                                – Poželjna je vaša prisutnost i zbog dokumentacije ovog nasilnog rušenja

Molimo vas da tražite unapred odobrenje osobe ako fotografišete lica, pogotovo ako su krupnjaci u pitanju.

Lokalni no borders kolektiv

Evictions of the squatted warehouses in Belgrade

 (11.05.2017 )

 On the 5th of May the Ministry of Labor, Social and Veteran Affairs announced to relocate migrants who are staying in Belgrade to the reception centres all over Serbia. According to Nenad Ivansevic, State Secretary of this Ministry, the plan was to complete this mission within 20 days. As for now, on the 10th of May 2017, the information at hands intensify towards a quicker eviction than primarily announced. Also, although it was announced that “force will not be used to transfer migrants – instead they will be offered, ‘in a humane manner” to move to a reception center”² the Commissariat for refugees already announced to start the eviction and demolishing of the barracks already by tomorrow 7am. Furthermore, several kitchen collectives were told that they have to stop providing food by the end of this weekend.

As the eviction is expected to start today morning, 7am,  a twitter  account  was just launched where updates about the process of eviction will be posted.

You can follow it on twitter

The barracks behind the bus stations were squatted in August 2016 after the Commissariat and Police evicted the Parks around the bus station. Since then they were used, in a selforganized way by people to live there, because they are stuck in Serbia and also by people in solidarity. In winter time they’ve attracted a lot of media attention due to the bad weather conditions in Belgrade, but although people have been mainly victimized and presented as suffering individuals, the barracks also have been a place where collective organizing, different forms of solidarity and exchange as well as communication and learning have become possible. Few people know about the level of autonomous organizing that was happening there – also before the appearance of volunteers and media – : collective cooking, a selforganized language school, sports, discussions and exchange of knowledge, simply everyday life in unusual circumstances. The squatted warehouses, together with the resistance of the Timotijević-family on that same area,  where also the place that became the front line in the struggle against the Belgrade Waterfront gentrification project.

The plan of the government, to evict the squats and move people to poorly conditioned, overcrowded and remote areas is happening in line with overall EU practices. Pushing people out of sight, detaining them in isolation and with no possibility to organize, protest, visibilize their demands and collectively exchange with other people is something that like wisely happened all over the so called “Balkanroute” and other european countries, too.

This eviction is not conducted peacefully, no matter what words the authorities use to describe their action. Therefor it may not pass without resistance. The barracks are on the venue of the high investment project Belgrade Waterfront, so maybe there’s enough political and financial pressure to actually succeed in evicting the squat,  but people will never stop fighting against these dehumanizing and cruel policies.

They may succeed in evicting barracks, but they will never succeed in evicting the freedom of movement. A concrete analysis, a political statement and many other forms of protest, monitoring, reports and actions will be done online and offline in the upcoming days. Keep yourself updated, show solidarity and take action.

The land is for all of us!                                                                                       Speculators and Investors: get out                                                                   Solidarity and Community: stay!

Nowadays we are showing our resistance against the eviction of the squatted warehouses behind the train station in Belgrade. Our resistance: this is a common one, because all of us – locals from this city, inhabitants of the squats, passengers, students and people passing by or working in this area – we are longing for the end of a world in which our lives are oppressed by capital.

Most of the people squatting these buildings for months moved away from their living spaces because of war . There is another war here in Serbia: the war against the poor that results in hundreds of evictions every year. And the war on the borders, the war that is creating those of us without papers (or not the right papers) as second class humans, as enemies.

Yes we are enemies, enemies of a system of borders that takes away peoples freedom to move, and enemies of those who want to turn the cities into places that are only for the rich.

But we are here today. And we are everywhere. You cannot evict all autonomous and selforganized spaces. Even if these squats are demolished and Belgrade waterfront construction is progressing – other selforganized spaces of resistance will occur.

The camp system  in Serbia  which is being extended by the state (and its business friends) in a fast way, is copy-pasted from other EU countries. Huge profits are being made from the fact that people are put in a place surrounded by walls and fences . The industries around those “humanitarian” prisons are mostly run by organizations that try to make the life in the cage “a bit nicer” by providing food or hygiene material. This is only necessary if people are being put in the position when they are treated as objects which can not decide for themselves.

No more displacement! Social Spaces and Autonomy is what we need!                                                                                                                                     Freedom to move! Freedom to stay! Freedom not to be moved!


– follow whats going on on Twitter during the next days:  @bm_serbia                                  – come to the squatted warehouses next to the train station and join us with your company. You can bring whatever you have to support the resistance and create some nice moments : material for banners, music, food, drinks…                                                                                    – Your presence is also important for documenting of possible police violence.                            In case you are taking close up pictures or pictures where peoples face can be easily recognized, please ask the person in beforehand if it is ok for him or her if you do so.

In solidairy,

No Border Collective



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Free Ahmed. H! Next trial 15th of june

the flyer in PDF here:


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”We are not their slaves!” / ”Nismo robovi!”

We suggest you to read this text about the fascist EU asylum system based on a personal experience. This is also a  call to deepen our critical views and should encourage all of us to wake up from the ignorance and speak out against institutional racism and fascist policies.

Predlažemo da pročitate tekst koji sljedi u prilogu. Tekst je napisan na osnovi ličnog  iskustva i govori o fašističkom azilnom sistemu evropske unije. Takođe je poziv na produbljivanje kritičkog razmišljanja, i poticaj da se probudimo te progovorimo protiv institucionalnog rasima i fašističke politike.


Let me introduce myself as refugee number (13) as my name. I would have liked to put my real name not my family’s name but I had many problems and I still have!

I came from a middle eastern country escaping from a horrible dictatorship that never ended. And will not end as long as the global society is not educated enough to clean up the mess. To kill the ignorance, to fight physically if necessary to even protect themselves. Because for decades people are violently slaughtered. Historically SOCIETY has been prevented from knowing its rights and the basics of the humans’ liberties whatever your country, color, ideology, vision, religion and name. And that is why I always have problems with the systems which are fucking everything up. Wherever you are laws and rules which are made by the systems that are not for human beings, but it works for just some other species, not all the species!! There for of what I have seen, I know how the systems consider the people, whether these people are their own people or other people from different SOCIETIES as refugees or migrants. SO I AM A REFUGEE.

I heard a lot about the racism, capitalism and the nationalism of Germany and northern European countries, and Germany had done enough that is quite near the colonialism during the kidnapping of the “BLACK PEOPLE” from Africa the continent to the continent that called U.S.A by some European countries. As they took people as slaves from Africa as Africa and its culture weakened, and still until now as the consequences of these brutal crimes, especially with EDUCATION, health, and architecture. So not a big deal ): Northern Europe including Germany is messing up again! I compare this to the isolation, treatment and the deportation camps that were created for the JEWS. The sickness is still living in the cells! The history is repeating its self but in a slow motion!

The people are being manipulated and distracted. In the ignorance that well suited, as the beauty of understanding the media, and how it works. And how the SOCIETY considers everything else, as a result of that, the SOCIETY believes all kind of made up lyings, fake stories and events. Now the people in Germany are consciously and thoughtfully avoiding how other people just like them, who have hair like them, have legs and arms like them, have sex orientations like them, have colors like them, are being isolated and used as slaves for clear labor. Thanking back the state’s hospitality and the pride. What an ugly ego (?!), [I meant the majority of people in Germany]. Because, a lot of that majority see the wrong and avoid even to look at it, by doing this consciously and unconsciously they give the system more chances to FUCK UP the refugees by any law or rule, not considering that the system wants exactly that! The SYSTEM is already destroying its own people by spoiling the idea of privacy, the GLOBAL CLIMATECHANGE. Spying on them 24 hours through the surveillances’ cameras and the cell phones, even energy beaming them!! That is how people get distracted. These are my opinions and judgments…you could say I am wrong though! kiss my Ass.

The system has an awful procedure for the refugees. They told me that I am not allowed to have money more than 100 Euros, 150 Euros, or 200 Euros hmm as I remember. I said ‘I do not have that money’ They did not believe me, then they checked me physically. If I had more, they are allowed to take it ya.

HORST was my nightmare [the camp]. Here is the trick, the translator skipped some things that I said, so I had to be angry with him to fix the shit even though I asked for an ENGLISH interview. At the same time, there was a background song that says {I am a human after all do not put your blame on me}. They were playing such a song through
the radio or PC, I do not care, but it did not make sense to me in such a place. Why are they playing such a song, and it is in English? Why do they not want to speak English with me then?!

At one of the offices, I asked in ENGLISH about some translation and some documents. The employees were having fun talking in GERMAN, they stopped suddenly looking at their screens in complete silence. They Ignored me while I was asking them. So when I went louder by my voice, they could not keep their silence any more than just one employee said [ KEIN ENGLISH ], There were five of them. Then why the fuck they do that in such a job? [simple because they are fucking RACISTS]. I felt like I’m a stinky rat that must be gotten rid of…

The translator gave me a German paper to sign and he was the only one who was translating it to me even though I told him that I do not trust him or any other translator. So I had to sign it because they do not give it in any other language!!!!!!! FUCKING AWESOME.

 I spent at least 8 hours at the last interview. I was super sick so I gave them what the doctor wrote to me to put it in my file. guess what? They did not put that in my file even though I told my lawyer, they still have not put it in my file. It was not in ENGLISH as I asked, they did not give a shit about what I asked. I had given them personal information twice and that proved who I was, they do it by such communications between them and the person’s GOVERNMENT if that possible. It is always possible except if you are Syrian or Iraqi, so I am not both.
The interviewer had done many written mistakes, the interviewer doesn’t fucking type, just speaks through the Mic then automatically writes the words. It took two times to correct the written mistakes. The mistakes can really screw up your whole life but they do not care about our lives. Anyway, they are just faking it, in the third time I asked to see it again then the interviewer was fed up and said that [ I will recheck it at the next Monday then I will send you the interview ].. (shortcut).
There was no time left to check it again for real. I did all that because I know my rights as a human being and the law here for the refugees and their limited rights. Even though I used as much as I can of those limited rights, I was lucky with that! WHAT ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE WHO KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THEIR LIMITED RIGHTS. THIS IS A CALL FOR THE ACTIVISTS PLEAS HELP PLEAS HELP!

I went to the hospital many times, and the nurses or the doctors sort people in lines while the German people are watching the line show of the refugees and how they were looking at us like we were nasty animals. I had been in the hospital, there I got a racist treatment by yelling at me in German, and one nurse touched my chin talking to me in ego and mentioning DEUTSCH LAND many times. She did the same to a refugee old man but did not touch him. A doctor came to me after I wrote some polite words to stop them from being racists. The doctor put it away by himself without asking me then I put it back then he tried to convince me to put it away but I refused. Then he asked me if I eat meat or not, I told him that I am a vegetarian and I do not eat meat then he asked me about my religion. I said . that I do not believe in GOD and it is the way to the FASCISM, then he said “ cool because we do not know what to do with these Muslim people they do not eat meat, our meat? Ha, ridiculous “.(shortcut).

Back to the camp. I forgot to mention that there is no privacy at all and no keys for the rooms. Public toilets and sinks are broken and some bathrooms’ doors not working. Moving out from that shitty place to another place where are two roommates with me. I got this paper after my roommates read it, one of them went [ Ooof FUCK ME ]. (shortcut).


The other one said [what the FUCK is wrong with these people we are not their FUCKING SLAVES]. The senses that I got were mixed between sadness and laughing hysterically the feeling was more sad, they laughed too. Our situation as refugees is horrible but at least still some fun left. We are trying to find a way out of being depressed. The system thinks that we are OK with such racist behaviors, and we must be thankful for that we are here and alive. {Being treated without humanely}. In HORST the security staff checks every day.
They target anyone who is not organized or having some dust under her/his bed or kind of trash, as a result to cut money of the social money. They allow work for refugees in HORST but for 1.30, 1.50 or 1.80 something like that per hour!! IT IS FUCKING SLAVERY. And finally, the foreign authority did not want to give me the permission to move by the public transportation and travel to another place. [FUCKING AWESOME]

That is a shortcut of what I saw and experienced during the procedure.



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