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”We are not their slaves!” / ”Nismo robovi!”

We suggest you to read this text about the fascist EU asylum system based on a personal experience. This is also a  call to deepen our critical views and should encourage all of us to wake up from the ignorance and speak … Continue reading

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Fotografije snimljene u kampu u Subotici i  na Kelebiji u Septembru 2016. (izveštaj dole) Pictures taken in the camps in Subotica and Kelebija, September 2016. (scroll down for report)   porazbijani telefoni od strane mađarske policije.// hungarian police smash peoples … Continue reading

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Testimony:brutal police violence on the hungarian side behind the fence

(english below) Svedočenje: Brutalna policijska represija na Mađarskoj granici (razgovor se desio 6. avgusta, 2016 u Beogradu) “ Prešli smo granicu 2. avgusta između 2:30 i 3 ujutro, bilo nas je oko 20 u grupi. Nismo daleko odmakli od ograde, … Continue reading

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A manifest on the “Refugees Welcome “

A manifest on the “Refugees Welcome ” Defending the supremacy of white man’s values or a Solidarity movement? On the 4th of September 2015 a woman shout at my face saying “Go back to your Country” in a “Refugees Welcome” action … Continue reading

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Testimony: Detention in Lukavica- Bosnia / Deportation to Serbia

Testimony: After a longer period of time we had spent in Serbia, we tried to go further on to Croatia. Somehow we found ourselves in Bosnia. The police got us. I don’t know where were we exactly. They took us … Continue reading

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Testimony: Imprisonment in Padinska Skela and deportation from Serbia

       Migrants can be detained in strict prisons and also there is deportation center, or Prihvatilište za Strance, in Padinska Skela in which migrants get detained while they are awaiting deportation, most migrants in Serbia are detained in strict prison, … Continue reading

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Testimony: Refugee riot in the closed detention camp Békéscsaba

 Most of the asylum seekers in Hungary are kept in closed camps, forced to wait in detention for the result of their asylum claim. There are also so called “open camps”, where asylum seekers are placed[1]. The decision on whether … Continue reading

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