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Saopštenje povodom rušenja skvotiranih magacina u Beogradu / Statement regarding the evictions of the squatted warehouses in Belgrade

(english bellow)  Zemlja je za sve nas!                                                                                                           Dosta je bilo rušenja!                                                                                                           Neka odlaze investitori i tajkuni!                                                                                  Neka se useli solidarnost i zajednički život! (11.05.2017 ) Ovog časa se bagerima ruše skvotirani magacini pored železničke stanice u Beogradu. Čistkom projekta “Beograd … Continue reading

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Antiracist greetings to a polish prison

We are standing in solidarity with Ameer who is imprisoned in Poland. He is being punished because he refused to collaborate with the internal security agency to spy on Muslim community in Cracow and people “of Middle Eastern origin”. Today … Continue reading

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Horgoš-hunger strike updates

27.07.2016. On the 5th day of the hunger strike, 4  people had  a collapse and were brought to hospital. Three of them are back in the hunger strike now, one person is still in the hospital because of heart problems. … Continue reading

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Eidomeni riots –

انظر أدناه الترجمة العربية Yesterday there was a huge protest in Eidomeni (Greek-Macedonian  border), where Macedonian police (supported and arranged by EU) started to build a fence in the morning, similar to the one on the Hungarian-Serbian and Hungarian-Croatian border. … Continue reading

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Solidarity with people in Ventimiglia

  At dawn on Wednesday September 30th two bulldozers and three trucks in six hours demolished a place of solidarity, built in three months thanks to the support of migrants and activists from all across Europe. They believed that by … Continue reading

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Solidarity with GAZA

Dear people of  GAZA YOUTH BREAKS OUT  and youth of GAZA, It happened today that we read again your Manifesto. It has been 3 years since it was published,  but unfortunately everything is still very up-to-date, specially now, when the … Continue reading

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Solidarity with resisting refugees in Berlin-Kreuzberg

„You can’t evict a movement!” Solidarity with the refugee movement worldwide Solidarity with the refugees in Berlin-Kreuzberg – challenging the real face behind the smile of the (local) politicians posted by Karawane/ Germany                                                                   Why our brothers and sisters are … Continue reading

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