”We are not their slaves!” / ”Nismo robovi!”

We suggest you to read this text about the fascist EU asylum system based on a personal experience. This is also a  call to deepen our critical views and should encourage all of us to wake up from the ignorance and speak out against institutional racism and fascist policies.

Predlažemo da pročitate tekst koji sljedi u prilogu. Tekst je napisan na osnovi ličnog  iskustva i govori o fašističkom azilnom sistemu evropske unije. Takođe je poziv na produbljivanje kritičkog razmišljanja, i poticaj da se probudimo te progovorimo protiv institucionalnog rasima i fašističke politike.


Let me introduce myself as refugee number (13) as my name. I would have liked to put my real name not my family’s name but I had many problems and I still have!

I came from a middle eastern country escaping from a horrible dictatorship that never ended. And will not end as long as the global society is not educated enough to clean up the mess. To kill the ignorance, to fight physically if necessary to even protect themselves. Because for decades people are violently slaughtered. Historically SOCIETY has been prevented from knowing its rights and the basics of the humans’ liberties whatever your country, color, ideology, vision, religion and name. And that is why I always have problems with the systems which are fucking everything up. Wherever you are laws and rules which are made by the systems that are not for human beings, but it works for just some other species, not all the species!! There for of what I have seen, I know how the systems consider the people, whether these people are their own people or other people from different SOCIETIES as refugees or migrants. SO I AM A REFUGEE.

I heard a lot about the racism, capitalism and the nationalism of Germany and northern European countries, and Germany had done enough that is quite near the colonialism during the kidnapping of the “BLACK PEOPLE” from Africa the continent to the continent that called U.S.A by some European countries. As they took people as slaves from Africa as Africa and its culture weakened, and still until now as the consequences of these brutal crimes, especially with EDUCATION, health, and architecture. So not a big deal ): Northern Europe including Germany is messing up again! I compare this to the isolation, treatment and the deportation camps that were created for the JEWS. The sickness is still living in the cells! The history is repeating its self but in a slow motion!

The people are being manipulated and distracted. In the ignorance that well suited, as the beauty of understanding the media, and how it works. And how the SOCIETY considers everything else, as a result of that, the SOCIETY believes all kind of made up lyings, fake stories and events. Now the people in Germany are consciously and thoughtfully avoiding how other people just like them, who have hair like them, have legs and arms like them, have sex orientations like them, have colors like them, are being isolated and used as slaves for clear labor. Thanking back the state’s hospitality and the pride. What an ugly ego (?!), [I meant the majority of people in Germany]. Because, a lot of that majority see the wrong and avoid even to look at it, by doing this consciously and unconsciously they give the system more chances to FUCK UP the refugees by any law or rule, not considering that the system wants exactly that! The SYSTEM is already destroying its own people by spoiling the idea of privacy, the GLOBAL CLIMATECHANGE. Spying on them 24 hours through the surveillances’ cameras and the cell phones, even energy beaming them!! That is how people get distracted. These are my opinions and judgments…you could say I am wrong though! kiss my Ass.

The system has an awful procedure for the refugees. They told me that I am not allowed to have money more than 100 Euros, 150 Euros, or 200 Euros hmm as I remember. I said ‘I do not have that money’ They did not believe me, then they checked me physically. If I had more, they are allowed to take it ya.

HORST was my nightmare [the camp]. Here is the trick, the translator skipped some things that I said, so I had to be angry with him to fix the shit even though I asked for an ENGLISH interview. At the same time, there was a background song that says {I am a human after all do not put your blame on me}. They were playing such a song through
the radio or PC, I do not care, but it did not make sense to me in such a place. Why are they playing such a song, and it is in English? Why do they not want to speak English with me then?!

At one of the offices, I asked in ENGLISH about some translation and some documents. The employees were having fun talking in GERMAN, they stopped suddenly looking at their screens in complete silence. They Ignored me while I was asking them. So when I went louder by my voice, they could not keep their silence any more than just one employee said [ KEIN ENGLISH ], There were five of them. Then why the fuck they do that in such a job? [simple because they are fucking RACISTS]. I felt like I’m a stinky rat that must be gotten rid of…

The translator gave me a German paper to sign and he was the only one who was translating it to me even though I told him that I do not trust him or any other translator. So I had to sign it because they do not give it in any other language!!!!!!! FUCKING AWESOME.

 I spent at least 8 hours at the last interview. I was super sick so I gave them what the doctor wrote to me to put it in my file. guess what? They did not put that in my file even though I told my lawyer, they still have not put it in my file. It was not in ENGLISH as I asked, they did not give a shit about what I asked. I had given them personal information twice and that proved who I was, they do it by such communications between them and the person’s GOVERNMENT if that possible. It is always possible except if you are Syrian or Iraqi, so I am not both.
The interviewer had done many written mistakes, the interviewer doesn’t fucking type, just speaks through the Mic then automatically writes the words. It took two times to correct the written mistakes. The mistakes can really screw up your whole life but they do not care about our lives. Anyway, they are just faking it, in the third time I asked to see it again then the interviewer was fed up and said that [ I will recheck it at the next Monday then I will send you the interview ].. (shortcut).
There was no time left to check it again for real. I did all that because I know my rights as a human being and the law here for the refugees and their limited rights. Even though I used as much as I can of those limited rights, I was lucky with that! WHAT ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE WHO KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THEIR LIMITED RIGHTS. THIS IS A CALL FOR THE ACTIVISTS PLEAS HELP PLEAS HELP!

I went to the hospital many times, and the nurses or the doctors sort people in lines while the German people are watching the line show of the refugees and how they were looking at us like we were nasty animals. I had been in the hospital, there I got a racist treatment by yelling at me in German, and one nurse touched my chin talking to me in ego and mentioning DEUTSCH LAND many times. She did the same to a refugee old man but did not touch him. A doctor came to me after I wrote some polite words to stop them from being racists. The doctor put it away by himself without asking me then I put it back then he tried to convince me to put it away but I refused. Then he asked me if I eat meat or not, I told him that I am a vegetarian and I do not eat meat then he asked me about my religion. I said . that I do not believe in GOD and it is the way to the FASCISM, then he said “ cool because we do not know what to do with these Muslim people they do not eat meat, our meat? Ha, ridiculous “.(shortcut).

Back to the camp. I forgot to mention that there is no privacy at all and no keys for the rooms. Public toilets and sinks are broken and some bathrooms’ doors not working. Moving out from that shitty place to another place where are two roommates with me. I got this paper after my roommates read it, one of them went [ Ooof FUCK ME ]. (shortcut).


The other one said [what the FUCK is wrong with these people we are not their FUCKING SLAVES]. The senses that I got were mixed between sadness and laughing hysterically the feeling was more sad, they laughed too. Our situation as refugees is horrible but at least still some fun left. We are trying to find a way out of being depressed. The system thinks that we are OK with such racist behaviors, and we must be thankful for that we are here and alive. {Being treated without humanely}. In HORST the security staff checks every day.
They target anyone who is not organized or having some dust under her/his bed or kind of trash, as a result to cut money of the social money. They allow work for refugees in HORST but for 1.30, 1.50 or 1.80 something like that per hour!! IT IS FUCKING SLAVERY. And finally, the foreign authority did not want to give me the permission to move by the public transportation and travel to another place. [FUCKING AWESOME]

That is a shortcut of what I saw and experienced during the procedure.



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