Statement of the protesting imprisoned refugees in Hungary

All solidarity with the protesting people in Békéscsaba prison. They announced to start a hunger strike tomorrow.  Read their statement below and spread the voice of resistance!

A distress call to all human rights organizations in the world we are
refugees in prison
Named (Closed camp)

I am Zanyar Faraj delegate all refugees I send my voice to the press,
psychologists and human rights worldwide
I have spoken with all Refugees who are here in order to reach officials
there are important points will talk about it, please read this report
very well
1-We are refugees, not criminals, we ran away from our country because
of war and death, but were surprised that the closed camp and we have
been here for six months ago and do not know our destiny
2-If the Hungarian government does not want refugees Why arrest them and
force them to imprint asylum and leave them in prison
3-Most of the refugees are suffering from the disease and some need
surgery and psychological condition is very bad and some of them thought
to commit suicide because of the bad situation in this closed camp and
doctors in this Camp know it, but they are content to give them sleeping
4-Because of this ill-treatment of refugees it will generate a state of
violence and neurological diseases and This pressure will be born Rose
bad feedback .that affect their lives in the future
5- We do not like war, not love problems love peace and human rights
have fled from our country because of the war and came to your country,
but this government Hungaria put humanity under the feet and the
psychological war against Refugees
6- We ran away to your country in order to get the safety and stability.
But the Hungarian government has put us in prison without guilt, and you
are giving decisions do not benefit from them something
7- Finally this sit-in as refugees we want to send our voice and our call
to all the world to liberate us from this injustice


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