Freedom for Ahmed H.! Freedom for the Röszke11! Unite against racism and repression!

Join the demonstrations in Szeged & Budapest!


30. November 2016: Szeged: Protest in front of the court house where Ahmed H.’s last court hearing takes places.

03. December 2016: Budapest: Transnational Demonstration against the Show Trial of Ahmed H.


“Terrorism“ has become a tool to legitimize everything the state is doing, it is used to silence every opposition – against border regime, capitalism or the control over our lives.

The Röszke trial is revealing the reality of a system in which state and police violence is never put in question. This goes hand in hand with increasing fascism, creating fear and thus establishing a framework of racism and repression.
Nonetheless this setting expands well beyond Hungary: Hungary cannot be seen as the most “evil“ EU-state, but only as a part of the EUropean fences-and-prisons-system that criminalises free movement of people just as it criminalises solidarity.

So far the Röszke-Trials and especially Ahmed’s case have not raised much attention in Europe even though solidarity movements have tried to spread the word. So now, let’s unite our voices against racism and repression! Join the Demos in Szeged and Budapest to show solidarity!

We demand the immediate release of the still imprisoned Kamel J., Yamen A. and Ahmed H. Lets show strengths against the racist politics of Fortress Europe!
Freedom for Ahmed. H., Kamel J. and Yamen A.! Freedom of Movement for All!

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