two poems by brother Y.

alone alone in nowhere
in the middle of fascists
inside my heart I feel
and inside my cell I wrote about                                                                                                           slaves of capitalism,
worriors of nationalism

here i am, here I go,  
I will fight, I will resist!

I dream about
life in peace,
life without tears
no difference between that child and the other one
a child watching birds on the sky
and the other one watching bombs
a child watching birds landing on the roof of his neighborhood
and a child watching bombs  landing on the roof of his neighborhood
I am still looking for the wisdom in this world
but i found it written just in the stones
what  inside those hearts is,
it ‘s just the cold

Read and close your eyes to feel
I am calling for the peace and love,
peace and love, peace and love

I close my eyes to live
before i wake up to the reality
where i am suffering,
I feel I cry, I believed
my days of suffering are gone,
but the scariness is still living inside me
the sun made me forget
the moon made me remember
the alcohol is relaxing me
one day for sure
the happiness will shine for the heart
to flutter in her morning
tweeting the song of life

( written in Athens, November 2016)

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