End of the hunger strike, people transferred to camps


written by a self-organized international solidarity group

Yesterday, July 29, about 120 people that were on hunger strike for 5 days as a sign of protest against the border regime were lifted by the police. Most of them  are now in one of the asylum centers in Banja Koviljaca, on the Bosnian border.

The hunger strikers were considered as a security problem for the border area; the police firstly dissuaded the strikers to carry on with their protest  and after removed them from the area. Beside total exhaustion and serious health issues,  there was a  big pressure on them to stop the strike, but as it was checked out, force was not applied during the transfer. People agreed to get into the buses.                                 We know that on the 27th of July 26 migrants left Belgrad to join the group of hunger strikers in Horgos; actually they never arrived in Subotica. Probably they were rejected,we are waiting to get some news from them.

It would not be the first time that the authorities try to silence the protests by sending people away, splitting them in smaller groups and apparently putting  them to isolated places.


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