join the solidarity campaign: Free the röszke 11!

injury Remember the everyday violence and brutality of “border management” and state repression, and  remember all the people – who demand freedom of movement, right to travel and settlement – and end up in prisons, committing suicides or going through hunger strikes, fighting with all their strength for dignity.
We invite all people, individuals and self-organised groups, to spread, and engage in a most direct way in this campaign, to organize actions of solidarity and support the Röszke11,  and all brothers and sisters in prisons !
Refuse to keep quiet and observe the terror, support the resistance against depriving people of their dignity and liberty ! Let’s speak up in front of prisons, “detention centers”, camps, court rooms and in all places where direct support and solidarity is needed!
End the violence! Solidarity is our strength, let’s empower each other!
#Free the Röszke11!

Burn Borders Solidarity from Climate Justice activists (Germany) 

solidarity photo wien       Solidarity from Vienna

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