breaking the bars of prisons, solidarity letter for Sanaa Taleb,

أختي سناء، يمكن أن يكون كلامي مجرد كلام لا ينفع بشيء ، ولاكن جئتك لأقول لك كم أنت قوية وتشريفي جميع النساء بأسمك، فأبشع شيء في الحياة هو سجن، لن يعرف احد، كم مدى عمق الحزن بداخلك الا من هو سجين متلك. يظنون بسجنهم هذا سوف نستسلم لهم، فلا يعرفون أن قلوبنا أقوى من ذالك الفولاذ من حولنا، لو كنا نخاف لن نترك منزلنا ابدا. ذعواتي معك أختي العزيزة
يوسف سجين متلك

My sister Sanaa, it might be my words just a meaningless words, but I came to you to tell that you are strong and all women should be proud of your name.
The worst thing in this life is the prison, no one will know how much the sadness deeply inside you except who is a prisoner like you.
They think this will make us weak,giving up and surrender to them, but also they think and they don’t know that our hearts stronger than the iron and the bars around us.
If we were scared we could have left our home but we didn’t and we won’t forever.
My heart with you my dear sister.
Youssef a prisoner like you

*Due to technical reasons the last  few post are posted with a delay. In the main while Sanaa Taleb was released on 27th of april 2016.  Sanaa is free again until the examination of her asylum application. Solidarity is our power.

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