prison post by brother Y.

The fire ignites inside me,                                                                                                              many cups of water does not extinguish it                                                                               except few tears in few minutes.                                                                                                      The darkness was the biggest fear of mine,                                                                                     now darkness is the one makes me relax,                                                                                         listening to music can make you feel good                                                                                    but closing your eyes and listening to your soul                                                                                 makes you feel better,                                                                                                                            perhaps you will find something you never know about,                                                                a life guided by your heart is better                                                                                                       than the one guided by people’s words.                                                                                               The only relationship which if it is broken will broke you,                                                              is the broken relationship with yourself.                                                                                             The arm against my sadness is a book,                                                                                         how may times i lied  saying                                                                                                                  I am fine…                                                                                                                                                  as all the stories have an end                                                                                                            my sadness also have one…..








                                         made by brother Y.  incarcerated in Corinth, Greece

# free brother Y. and all detained migrants!

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