“They will never break us!”

end detention post

People who are detained for long months (and unknown how more they’ ll be) in Corinth  detention center (Greece) showed a powerful fight back. All this time they demanded their freedom in many forms, protests, hunger strikes, writing, publishing. And even though they are forced to stay literary  in a cage, wake up every morning with the picture of the bars –  they did not lose the courage, they are full of ideas and creativeness, spiritual and mental strength to over come injustice, repression, humiliation, torture and all what being detained means.                                                                                                                               They asked for a whiteboard via twitter and started with self organized classes of  English and Spiritualism.

Self-education is power .                                                                                                                 Greetings of resistance for all the brothers in Corinth.                                             #Solidarity with all detained migrants and political prisoners!                              # No fences. No prisons!

english class

English class in the cell

There are many ways how you can show solidarity with people in prisons. If you would like to support you can contact us or other solidarity groups in the movement.

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