Push- backs, police violence, stuck in Serbia


How the segregation looks like? What is behind the ” well-organized              humanitarian” corridor? 

“After seven days we tried to cross the border on foot. It was very difficult
because it was very cold. We walked 120 km in to Croatia. Every day we walked
50 kilometre without GPS. We oriented us by the sun. We made one mistake in
Croatia. Croatia has a problem. The Croatian population is collaborating with
the police. We didn’t have any water left, so we asked for water. We asked at a
house. They gave us water, and food, and chairs to sit on in front of their house.
We ate and they gave us cigarettes and then the police arrived. The people who
gave us food and everything also called the police. I’m sorry, I love Croatia, but
this was really hard for me. Everything is against us there. They call us
terrorists. They call us muggers. But we are just people who are looking for a

A report with testimonies made by the Moving-Europe.                                      28.01.2016_Report-Police-Violence-and-Push-Backs

# End the segregation! #End the violence!



Serbian police started sending non-SIA people ( people who are said not to be from Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan) from Šid to Tabanovce.
60 non-SIA people have been taken from Šid camp in Serbia to Tabanovce camp in Macedonia last night (1.2.2016). Police used force against the people, while boarding people into buses.

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