prison post #6

by brother Y.

I asked the Earth if it’s happy,
The Earth said:
“ No one is happy with clothes from barbed wire”.

Your gender dress me up them,
my gender didn’t want me to be free.

I know I am suffering now, but I will struggle to live free later,
I wished and I dreamed that all creatures they love each other, everyone’s free.
Perhaps it may be me, or we, who will make a way through the middle of the corn field,
For those looking for the way of freedom.                                                                                 Maybe this way it’s scattered now but it will be good later.

For them, I am like the pet mouse who entered the house without a permission,
Looking for a place where’s peace, away from the threats of nature.
I believe that there is just one life to live,
if I tormented tomorrow i’ll get back my health,
but if I stay without freedom I can’t get back the time
while i was hiding in my place to cross those barbed wires…


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