prison post #3

by brother Y.

yusuf crtez

            Peace to you my soul,                                                                                                                             peace to you in place of war,                                                                                                                war between heart and brain,                                                                                                              hope and despair,                                                                                                                                    culture and society,                                                                                                                                  religion and life.                                                                                                                                        Peace to you in the place where there’s no peace.                                                                            I am sorry. I am sorry,  I wish,  I had an option to free you from me,                                        I know that you wished to be free from this body,                                                                          As I wish to be free from this jail.

The word  “سجين ” means prisoner, imprisoned.

*Few days ago IOM stuff came to Corinth  detention center to register people for                   “voluntary” return to their home countries. The term “voluntary ” is used but essentially it’s the only option left to people to get out from detention. Furthermore people don’t know  how long they will be detained.  These prisons are everywhere, in all countries, after it was shut down the Gazi Baba detention center (in Macedonia) is  reopened again. People have been struggling against detention for long years,  but so far without  significant support.  Let’s strengthen our actions!  Just because we are not jeopardized by it directly, we should not forget all those people behind the bars, who face the same shit every day. Spread the word of international solidarity in forms of direct actions, stand up for freedom and justice!



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