A manifest on the “Refugees Welcome “

A manifest on the “Refugees Welcome ” Defending the supremacy of white man’s values or a Solidarity movement?

On the 4th of September 2015 a woman shout at my face saying “Go back to your Country” in a “Refugees Welcome” action at a bus station in Barcelona, where I applied for Asylum last year. This action was organized by “Stop Mare Mortum” and followed by an event to celebrate the Spanish “left wing” parties organised by Barcelona en Comú (formerly known as “Guanyem Barcelona”) and it’s leader, Ada Colau. This party and other European “left” and right wing parties using the humanitarian popular speech as “Refugees Welcome” for their own Political interests. I faced white masses chanting “Sí, se puede / Yes, we can”. All this began when i decided to rise my voice and to say: i  am not a “Refugee”, i don’t want your help, i want the same rights as Ada Colau, the same rights as any white European. This was enough for them to confront me with violence, like any classical colonialists. The conclusion of the whole speeches at the action was about “How good / strong are the white people” and call “for European proud and unity”. But what they don’t know that the “Refugees and Immigrants” has already their own plans: free movement and well being as well as to abolish the “zone of being”.

“Refugees and Immigrants” are not a subject seeks help and pity in Europe, they are clearly expressing and showing with in their movement towards European countries from the south to the North the reaction of the coloninized, the movement of the Oppressed to the Colonial land. Immigrants from South America, Morocco and Sahara are mainly going to Spain; people from Algeria, Tunisia and Senegal are migrating to France, from Libya to Italy, from India to England and so on. They are moving from the x-colonies, post-colonial states which are still under the classical colonial system to the land of the colonizer. They are “fleeing” from wars, hunger, exploitation, seeking better chances in life or they just want to enjoy the European city or the lifestyle that built on exploitation, steeling back the resources these colonial geography kidnaping from people of the global south. “The look that the native turns on the settler’s town is a look of lust, a look of envy… And this the settler knows very well: “They want to take our place.” It is true, for there is no native who does not dream at least once a day of setting himself up in the settler’s place.”1 This natural movement of the colonized from the global south to the north is a right to take back, to recover, to have a  a minimum restitution, when the colonized has no where/mean to flee from war, hunger, poverty and exploitation, they go directly to the cause of all this, to the Castle of the colonizer, to the Castle of the white man.

The well known principle that “All human are equal” will be exposed at the same moment that the colonised claim for the same rights of the white man. The colonised people are already in the struggle. Everyday people from the post-colonial states are crossing the European borders and violating their so called “sovereignty” (to expropriate resources and lives), they examine violence in their daily life, they are not Activist, they are not moral, they are angry and oppressed. people of color are arriving to Europe everyday from Africa, Latin America, Asia, and The Arab World, to say we are here, and we will stay! No matter if the European union agree or not, if they militarise the Mediterranean or other Eu Borders, No Matter if they pass new Racist laws to put more control over “Refugees or immigrants” Bodies, the people of color body, the non-European body.

A month later, after the horrific experience in “Refugees welcome” action in Barcelona, On Saturday the 3rd of October, there was another “Refugees Welcome“ action in Vienna. What i realise in the demonstration that was a repetition of the same European humanitarian speech that has to do mainly with defending the European Values, The supremacy of white man’s values. and again there was no Refugees! An old woman from Syria drinking tea at the corner watching the demonstration told me “Those people have nothing to do in their weekend, they are celebrating themselves in a sunny Saturday!”

The Refugees/Immigrants “crises” rise in Europe, because this “Problem” it’s on the European land (Like what happened with the ”Never Again” and the guiltiness in regard to the holocaust), It doesn’t matter the case itself for Europeans as a Political case and struggle that has to do with Colonialism/Racism/Capitalism/Patriarchy, but more for defending their superiority and European Values, then to solve these “Problems” by making another Indigenous pay the costs. I saw people in a carnival celebrating Europe/Whiteness…, but nothing has to do with real struggle against Europe, Eurodac/Dublin Regulation/Frontex/European Union/Colonialism and imperialism in the “Third World”, in the first week of October there was French/Israeli/Russian/American attacks on Syria, Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan. It will never call a solidarity if you support the oppressor and then give aid to the oppressed, you can’t give solidarity to Palestinian refugees and supporting the colonial settler state of Israel, actually you can’t talk about Refugees and not mentioning the Palestinian refugees, “Welcoming” Syrian refugees and bombing Syria. this is not Solidarity, this is Colonial practices.

“The tradition of the oppressed teaches us that the “State of Emergency” in which we live is not the exception but the rule. We must attain to a conception of history that is in keeping with this insight. Then we shall clearly realize that it is our task to bring about a real state of emergency; and this will improve our position in the struggle against Fascism.”2  This State of Emergency that Refugees and Immigrants struggle (for freedom of movement and to enjoy 1% of the privileges of the low European class, that not even questioned or recognise by Europeans) are bushed everyday, and exposes fascist face of Europe clearly. on Monday the 5th of October, a 29 years old asylum seeker from Eritrea died in an Racist attack in Germany, several refugees injured in another Racist attacks around the country.

On Wednesday the 7th of October, i have been invited to a meeting at The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna under the name “Day of Action”, to coordinate and plan the Academy’s activities and what the Academy can do regarding the situation of “refugees”. The meeting was originsed by a Colonialist racist scholar and the audience mainly are Europeans meets to discuss what they suggest for this issue. The first 10 minutes of the meeting was enough to proof the Supremacy base they work on. One of the Activist jump with her 300 Euros shoes and started to give a speech about how the “struggle” should be, with a documentarist filming her, she said literally “My refugees they just arrived”, that was the absolute violent. A colonialist organising the “Day of Action” and his audience that they come to defend and celebrate the supremacy of white man’s values. This issue comes to the table again not because of the Political struggle that People of color do, but to talk and fill the list to be “Politically correct” no more, by mentioning this issue so no one can blame them.

“Refugees welcome” and Activism practises simply works on depoliticising Migration, and transferring the political Decolonial struggle benefits that done by Refugees/Immigrants to a humanitarian work from Europe. We need Revolutionary Solidarity not aid! we need freedom of movement, abolition of migration laws, official papers to stay, Stop controlling and criminalising Refugees/Immigrants with Biometrics and other persecutory and discrimination practices, To have the same rights of any European to decide, Education, Scholarships, work, to study and to have the opportunity to enjoy the white man’s privileges, and to celebrate people of color knowledge, direct action and solidarity for our cause here in Europe and in our homeland, that suffer everyday of Colonialism, Racism/Zionism, Imperialism and Capitalism.

“The European people must first decide to wake up, and shake themselves, use their brains, and stop playing the stupid game of the Sleeping Beauty.

Comrades, we must work out new concepts, and try to set afoot a new man.”3             “Revolt, for you have nothing to lose but your chains and your Refugee tents!”4 

Comrades, We must Decolonize Europe! and this can be with one and only way, by abolition the conception of Europe.

source> https://shehade.wordpress.com/2015/10/18/a-manifest-on-the-refugees-welcome/

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