trains and solidarity: short update about hungary-austria-germany

Yesterday a few hundred, up to thousand people traveled from Hungary by train to Austria and further to Germany. As people told, they were not controlled by the police (not by the Hungarian nor the Austrian police- or only those people who want to stay in Austria). For several hours people could travel in a train and did not need to hide in trucks or other vehicles and there was a big wave of solidarity that still goes on. Local individuals and initiatives in Hungary, Austria and Germany are organizing support for the migrants that are arriving, welcoming them at train stations, offering sleeping places, translation help and food/drinks.
But: It is a rumor and not true (!) that the German government is organizing these trains to bring people to Germany. Important to consider: The decision from Germany to suspend the “Dublin”-rule is only for migrants from Syria – not for people from other countries.

The situation at the Keleti train station in Budapest is tense. In the morning the police had evicted the train station, since then only people enter that can show their documents, even if they have train tickets…[ follow the monitoring of Migrant solidarity group in Hungary:   – also live ticker from the bordermononitoring collective in Budapest (unfortunately no english available): ]
Thousands of people (migrants and supportive locals) are protesting against this repression in front of the train station, shouting “Freedom!Freedom!” and “Let us inside”.  We support the demand: Freedom of movement now!
– Laws that are produced by the EU governments make smuggling the only travel-possibility, causing many deaths. Yesterday around 30 000 brothers and sisters at a demonstration in Vienna said NO to the murderous and racist border regime.

As we are witnessing an extraordinary and unknown kind of situation, we can never be sure in how far this situation and the decisions from politicians and authorities will change over the next hours, over the next days.

The time is now! Documents for all or no documents at all. The injustice is law – to resistance is duty.

Stay updated and take care of each other.

vienna yesterday

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