Solidarity with GAZA


Dear people of  GAZA YOUTH BREAKS OUT  and youth of GAZA,

It happened today that we read again your Manifesto. It has been 3 years since it was published,  but unfortunately everything is still very up-to-date, specially now, when the israeli violence and terror continues, when every second,  a civilian can be a target of a gun shot or an air strike.

We are deeply touched by your manifesto and deeply disturbed about GAZA.

We feel that we can not just sit at home, watching the footages of burning Gaza, the anger is boiling within us, and from the hypocrisy of the international community, UN and EU our stomachs are rolling.

The feeling of powerlessness  makes us desperate,  still  we can’t accept that there is nothing to do. We share with you the wish to find a way how to direct this anger and energy into something – as you wrote- what can challenge the status quo.

There was  a protest for GAZA in Belgrade, Sarajevo, Ljubljana together with our Palestinian brothers and sisters, but all these  demonstrations  around the world are  in fact useless, except that they show some symbolic solidarity. We wish to find a better way to support you, who  struggle against the military occupation and the constant, decades long war on the people of Palestine.

We dont know if you will ever get our message, we can just try to imagine what do you face with at the moment there, but if you have any idea what could be done from a distance, please write us.


Stay strong!

Greetings of solidarity and resistance!

Youth of ex Yugoslavia




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