Replacement of warden in reception center of Obrenovac

This is what M*., migrant from the reception center of Obrenovac reported to us:

There are rumors going around about complain letter written from the migrants staying in reception center. Someone wrote about the wardens behavior, and discrimination that he showed towards the migrants. About non-justified kicking out of migrants from the reception center, and that  he accepts in only ‘white new comers’, telling how ‘blacks are problematic’…

This complains come out in public. M. told us that someone from UN was visiting the center and he thinks that they take complains in consideration which brings the wardens position in question.

The warden itself starts to make ‘campaign’ in order to collect positive comments about himself. Something like a petition, said M., to collect signatures of migrants inside of the camp not to replace him.

Today another person was replacing the warden. We don`t know it this will stay like this.

*Initials have been changed in order to preserve anonymity.

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