Transfer to Tutin

Yesterday early in the morning an unexpected transfer of migrants took place. Around 100 migants were transferred from the reception centers of Obrenovac and Bogovadja to the new opened reception center in Tutin.

In the last ten days in Bogovadja many migrants from the ‘jungle’ were let inside the reception center. Now most of these people had been transferred. Migrants form Bogovadja were assuming that this was decided just to ”collect” them on one place in order to transfer them easier.

In the reception center of Obrenovac the warden had stopped accepting new migrants inside. That’s why many migrants decided to hide inside the reception center. The migrants showed solidarity to each other and found places for the migrants who were staying outside. Many of them where also sleeping in the reception hall of Hotel Obrenovac. All of those people who were hiding and who were not on the official list for receiving food inside were transported.

The two Wardens from both reception centres and the police woke up the migrants around 5 o’clock in the morning and ordered them to go into buses which were waiting for them. No one did explain to them what was happening at all and where they were planing to take them. One of the migrant told us that they even didn’t let them take their bags with their belongings. Police was physically violent, by hitting them. J. told us that he was hit on his solder when the police forcing him to live the room. A pregnant and sick woman was threatened to be send to the Jungle if she hadn’t obey to go on the bus.

Now, the situation in Tutin is quiet ok. One of migrant who had been transferred there, told us that he was satisfied with the conditions in the new reception center, even though it is so isolated. After their arrival, he said , they couldn’t go outside of the facilities for few ours. Now the reception center is open from 7 o’clock in the morning till 21 o’clock in the evening. They were told that from the Monday on, it would be possible to get a permission to leave the the place for three days. Also, that police would come in order to take their finger prints to arrange for their asylum-ID-cards.

Further, he described a good welcoming atmosphere in Tutin from the local population. We have been told that locals are nicely greeting migrants on the street.

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