Repressive behavior in the camp of Hotel Obrenovac

This night around two o`clock the warden Marko and the police officers were controlling the rooms of the camp. Those who were hiding themselves inside and those who helped them, were kicked out from the camp. Altogether around 15 people. They spent the night outside or in the bar of the Hotel Obrenovac which they needed to leave in the morning.

Yesterday a group of asylum seekers came back to the camp, they were told that they can`t get back their places.  They had a permission to stay outside the camp in the period of three days, and the permission had not been expired. It seems that the person who asks for a permission will be excluded from the camp permanently.

Another case when a person was kicked out from the camp was one of migrants who verbally insulted the Serbian state in the moment of anger. Someone from the camp reported to the warden what he had said, later on he was expelled.

Among the people who were sleeping outside last night, was a girl who lost her place in the camp. It happened because of the fight with another girl she was involved in.

Asylum seekers from the camp in Obrenovac are complaining about warden Marko`s psychical   instability and his consummation  of alcohol.

The threat from being expelled violates the solidarity and trust among the asylum seekers.

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