Dec. 28.2013 Report from Banja Koviljaca

There is no people sleeping outside of the camp. Number of the people inside the camp is around 100, including 4 children. Officially there is no free place in the center, so the newcomers are sent to the other camp on the south in Sjenica.  We also met 4 Afghan minors. Most people are form Afghanistan and Africa countries.  The security didn`t let us enter the camp, so we stayed outside waiting people to pass by.   We got information; if the police catches  someone in Bosnia, the  person  will end up in prison for 6 months and after that she/he will be deported back to Serbia. Migrants where complaining about Robert, the manager of the camp. They have very poor meals.  Most of the time they are eating bread and canes of fish or meat. They mentioned us the  happening, when a delegation from EU came to the center, those people were served quite rich meals, while the migrants were watching that and having only green beans for lunch.                                           Some of  the migrants told us about fights in the city center, where the migrants had been physically attacked  by some locals.  They don’t feel safe in Banja Koviljaca and one guy told us that even Bogovadja was better for him because according to his experiences people in Banja Koviljaca are more racist.                                                                  Next to the asylum center is a house,  where the only  two persons  who have a subsidiary protection in Serbia live. From  only 12 people who got a status since 2008, 10 left the country because of the lack of  possibilities.  We talked to one of them.  They have accommodation and meals in the asylum center in Banja K.  He told us that there is no  integration process provided by  the Serbian government at all. They,  as all the other asylum seekers  learned the serbian language on their own;  also there is no  help  for  finding a job or any financial support.

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