Dec. 25. 2013, Protest in front of the Commissariat for refugees and migrations


On Wednesday 25 of December 2013 a group of people protested in front of the building of the commissariat for refugees and migrations in Belgrade, Serbia. They handed over demand and the signatures of the petition concerning the replacement of the manager of the center, director Stojan Sjekloća, because of the lack of transparency in his managing the center, justified suspicion of corruption, psychological instability and lack of expertise and compassion.These accusations are formulated on the base of gathered testimonies of asylum seekers, which were also passed to the commissariat.

After the forwarding of the demand there was a discussion between the activists and the commissioner Vladimir Cucić. The commissioner pointed out that he shares the opinion of the inability for this work of Stojan Sjekloća sand that cases of him misusing his function as a chief of the refugeecamp are well known for Cucić and his institution. Despite the many and well known testemonies of an inappropriate and harmful behavior of Sjekloća as proofs, the commissioner Cucić doesn’t consider the presented facts as strong enough to discharge him from his position as chief of the refugee camp in Bogovadja. Cucić distance himself from responsibility and pass the charge to other institutions. From this it becomes clear that the commissariat for refugees and migrations has the power to replace the warden of the refugee camp with a suitable person. if they employ him Cucić is able to remove Stojan Sjekloća. This necessary move is not being performed. This leads to the conclusion that the commissariat as such can be seen as direct responsible for the migrants and refugees sleeping outside.With this passivity and ignorance of the violation of human rights Cucić and the commissariat support directly the inhuman treatment of refugees staying in Bogovadja.

The Comissar Cucić expressed his sympathy for the “extreme left” and characterized the work of the commissariat as an “radical approach”.

The activists announced to be insisting on the fulfilling the demand.

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