Dec 21. 2013, Full Jungle and empty rooms

A person who was staying in ”the jungle”  told us, that night before, Police was checking the woods around the asylum center in Bogovadja. He  told us that they were waken up by the police and their hand lamps. The police didn`t say anything. He thinks that the police were counting them. There are rumors saying that the police will come to the woods and transport the people to the camps of Sjenica and Tutin.

The number of the people staying outside is large, while the rooms inside the camp are  empty. People staying inside the camp were complaining about the warden who had told them that they need to leave. He constantly admonish them to leave. There is still no clear answer if the camp will be closed.

We met an Eritrean girl who already had been rejected from staying inside the camp. Another  five girls, who were with her,  faced the same situation; even they have the police paper that was instructed them to come to the asylum center in Bogovadja.

We also met a young Sirian couple. The girl was in seventh-month pregnancy. They were kicked out from the camp without any explanation. Their papers where taken from them by the warden. They stayed outside for  few days.

The taxi driver told us that some of the migrants who were rejected and pushed to stay outside,  go and pay for rooms  in hotel,  in the city of Valjevo.

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