Dec. 11th 2013, Illegal transfers from Bogovadja?

N., one of the residents of the reception center(RC) in Bogovadja told us the following: Yesterday at 22:00 o’clock the security asked some of the migrants in the RC to leave and go to another new RC. They could choose between the RC close to Belgrade (Obrenovac) and the RC close to Novi Pazar (Sjenica and Tutin).

As he told us, most of the people actually don’t want to leave and they don’t see a reason for this, because there are even now empty places inside. Furthermore, they were instructed to reach the new RC on their own by the use of public transport and without coverage of the travel expenses. Some were offered 10 Euros “form the warden’s own pocket”. They didn’t receive any information why this transfer should be necessary.            All this seems very dubious!

Only his own busyness                                                                                               In the end it came out, that there is now official order from the Commissariat for Refugees and Migrants for new transfers given. As the Commissariat called the Warden Stojan Sjekloca out on these attempts, he denied the whole incident. The Warden seems to make his own busyness in secrecy and past the Commissariat (which is actually the instance above the RC management).

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