Dec. 8th 2013, Constant Reception Center in Obrenovac “Hotel”??

The migrants we talked to told us that the day before the Minister of Defense visited the Hotel. Now the Hotel and the Government are in the negotiation process whether the Hotel will become a new Reception Center for asylum seekers in Obrenovac.

Further, we talked to one employee of the Hotel who told us similar. There is also the fact that the Hotel in Obrenovac is apparently financial weak. For now the Government has two-month agreement that the asylum seekers are treated like “guests” of the hotel till the negotiations have ended.

Transfer from Vracevic to Sjenica                                                                            One of the migrants, who we met in Bogovadja the day before, informed us that the migrants who were in the house in Vracevic were transported in Senjica.

The Serbian news announced that 120 asylum seekers arrived in Sjenica and they are now accommodated in the Hotel “Berlin”, yesterday.

Here the article in the local news paper of Sjenica.

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