Dec. 07th 2013, Still migrants outside in the “jungles” of Bogovadja

Still people outside in the jungles (we talked to 10 of them). They don’t receive food form the Red Cross, although most of them have the police paper. So the situation has actually worsened for the people who have to stay in the jungles! Locals, who we spoke to, told us that, form their knowledge, there are no more migrants in the jungles.

Inside the RC there are more or less 100 people, according to what migrants who live inside estimated. The women inside told us that there are only women from Somalia and Eritrea in the RC right now. A taxi driver told us that he saw many new migrants coming in Bogovodja with bg taxis.

The rumors about the closure of the reception center in Bogovadja are also circulating among migrants inside. One person even mentioned he was told the RC will be closed in 5 days. They received no information what will happen with them in case they close the RC.

Accommodation denied                                                                                                                    Five of the migrants told us, the security staff of the reception center sent them away from the center when they were asking for a place inside. They even threatened them to use physical force, if they had not left!

 “When do you finally leave?!”                                                                                   A., told us that the warden and the people around him asked him when he will finally leave the Bogovadja and Serbia as he should not stay so long. His answer was “but I can`t leave. If I were able to leave, I would do so, but I’m not. So what is he asking me to do?!”

 Still migrants in Vracevic                                                                                            A person form Eretria told us, there are changing numbers of people in Vracevic, sometimes 20 sometime 90 or even more.

 Banja Koviljaca, also migrants outside                                                                   N. that his friends who stay in the Reception Center in Banja Koviljaca told him that there are also migrants outside in the jungle!

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