Nov. 29th 2013, Again asylum seekers in Vracevic

The rumors proved to be true: On 27th the government moved asylum seekers (about 100 people) form the “jungles” again to Vracevic

Anit-Migrant-Blockade also in Vracevic                                                                The following day 28th villagers of Vracevic were blocking the road which leads from the object, where asylum seekers are accommodated, towards Bogovadja. They demand from the government to close this house and move the asylum seekers elsewhere. Also, as in the anti-migrant-protests last year, they demand to forbid renting private houses to asylum seekers.

Article in Serbian news paper “Blic”(28.11.2013)

On Nov. 29th we went there and heard from the villagers, that actually the protest consisted of only around 15 to 20 people and not the majority of the villagers who were blocking the road. They let pass the traffic, but not the cars of the Red Cross, which were supposed to bring the “lunch-packages” to the migrants.

The day of the blockade migrants, who have to live in the house said, they were forbidden to go outside for “security reasons”.                                                                                       However, nobody told the migrants in the house, what exactly was going on with the blockade and what the villagers were up to. So they were spending a sleepless night in fear and suspense ready to run if they’d be attacked…as the incident of the burning barracks in Obrenovac was frightening them.

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