Nov. 27th 2013, Transfers and Protests


Blockade of locals against asylum seekers in Obrenovac 

On 25th the government decided to move the asylum seekers to Obrenovac.                      Article in Serbian newspaper “Blic”(Nov.25th 13)

Nov. 27th, the day of the transfer, locals from  Obrenovac blocked the bus with asylum seekers which were supposed to be accommodated in barracks close to the power plant “Nikola Tesla”. After the locals were still blocking the road at 11pm, the migrants in the bus were brought to the close by Hotel of Obrenovac, where they are till now.

We spoke to the people, manly unsetisfied workers, which were very confused with their own desperate living situation mixed with wild racist arguments for why they don’t want the refugees to be accommodated close to Obrenovac. They were very badly informed about the life of refugees and migrants at all and especially badly informed about the situation in Bogavadja.

Later at night one of the barracks, where asylum seekers were supposed to be accommodated, was set on fire. An area of 400 qm burned down completely. Inside 20 improvised bedrooms. The fire further took over on big part of the roof of the neighboring barrack. What are people capably to do! It’s so clear not migrants are a problem  but racism is!!

Article in the Serbian news paper B92.

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