Dec. 4th 2013, 157 migrants in Obrenovac Hotel

Now there are 157 migrants in the Hotel: The ones who were on the bus which was blocked, around 40 migrants from the Reception Center in Bogovadja, plus around 30 from Vracevic. Among them there are 6 women and one family with two children. One of the migrants told us that the night before Sjekloca came to the hotel and migrants could give their complaints to him. They complained about not being able to go outside. Another main complaint was about the limitation of freedom of movement due to the lack of “asylum IDs”, which limits their freedom of movement and makes it impossible to receive money on their own.

From now everybody is allowed to go outside without asking for any kind of permission.

Some of them told us that the leadership said they would stay in Obrenovac Hotel for another two to three months. There is nothing about this in news so far.

We had the impression although the people are able to move more freely now there was kind of tense atmosphere.

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