Dec. 3rd 2013, Transfer from Vracevic to Hotel “Obrenovac”

W., one of the migrants who were transferred that day told us that, Milan, one of the manager of the Reception Center under warden Stojan Sjekloca, came to Vracevic and told everyone:

“We have to transfer you to another camp and if you don’t go the police will come and if they meet you here they will deport all of you! If you follow us, everything is ok.”

He didn’t tell the migrants anything about where exactly they were planning to transfer them. They came with two cars to take the people in smaller groups.                                  The migrants were again told that they want to close Vracevic and the reception center in Bogovadja, which they presented as the reason why nobody could stay there.

What are the plans of the Government?? Do they first want to collect all migrants at one place before transferring them to the towns of Tutin an Sjenica? Do they really want to close the Camp in Bogovadja as one of the two only reception centers in whole Serbia? They even have great troubles to open a third one.

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