Dec. 1th 2013, HOTEL “Obrenovac”

the hotel!!!!! OOOOOOO

After 15 hours of waiting in an overcrowded bus, the asylum seekers (around 80 people) are around 11pm (27.11.2013), finally accommodated in the hotel  of Obrenovac. M., one of the managers under the warden of reception  center of Bogovođi Stojana Sjekloća, who was replaced the after in which  he was suspected of taking money from migrants for places inside the  Reception Center, appears again as i charge of managing the  accommodation of the migrants in the Hotel.

Police and UNHCR are present around the Hotel 24 hours. The given reason for their presence is to provide security to the asylum seekers, who are forbidden to leave the object. The conditions in Hotel are solid, which is not changing the fact that their freedom of movement is again limited and that they’re closed up in complete isolation for more than 4 days now.

We visited the hotel twice. For visitors it is possible to enter the hall of Hotel, but visiting times seem to be limited. After a short while M. appeared and commanded the asylum seekers to go back to their rooms. The reason he gave for this was a chess tournament which was taking place in the dining hall of the hotel. The migrants’ freedom to move is even limited inside of the hotel, which is proved by M.’s inappropriate statement:

“We keep them in their rooms, so they don’t mix with the local population.”

The asylum seekers are not informed about what will happen with them. The future plans are kept in secrecy.                                                                                                                         Before our visit they didn’t have information about Sjenica and Tutin, two towns in Southern Serbia, where they probably will be transferred to.                                                                       In the following days, representatives of the Commissariat will visit the municipality of Tutin which are planned to be new places for the accommodation of asylum seekers. Different sources (as media and statements of individuals) seem to confirm that the inhabitants are more  positive about the arrival of the asylum seekers.

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