Bogovadja, Nov. 25th 13

Monday, November 25th 2013, we went to Bogovadja together with people from INEX to share the donations of clothes they collected and to bring our guests back. It weather was totally crazy, something in between rain and snow and really cold. The next morning it started snowing.

Clothes and kitchen(s)                                                                                                We arrived in Bogovadja with the cars and the clothes. The clothes, once out of the car looked very few and in the end it was maybe enough for around 50 people. Guests from Great Britain organized two bottles of gas, big pots, two gas burners and two big plastic sheets to build a common kitchen with and for the people outside. Unfortunately, the plan didn’t work out like this in the end due to a lack of time and daylight. So we divided the material into two parts and set up two smaller kitchens at two different places in the jungle. It was very hard to leave our guests in the jungle again.

Kicked out and fought back her place                                                                      One woman had been kicked out of the Reception Center after she couldn’t make her way back at night to the facilities and stayed the night in a café in the village center. She had to stay outside, as the only woman among 200-300 men, for two nights already. The day before, we went together with her to the security of the Reception Center and argued with them to give her place back to her. In the end the security agreed to let her in “unofficially” in the evening. The following day, good news: She was let in that night and spoke to the other responsible and got back her place inside! She is very, very happy about her success!

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