Bogovadja, Nov. 23th 2013

We went to get our guests from Bogovadja reception center and jungles to join the info-event in Belgrade.

Again general punishment                                                                                         Again, yesterday (Nov. 23th 2013) nobody from the jungle received food. It was another “general punishment” of the warden. He punished everybody for “an argument of the day before between two migrants”.

Strict controls at Bogovadja reception center                                                        The people who are inside have to be in the reception center until 10pm, otherwise they cannot enter and have to stay outside or even lose their place. At 10pm the staff strictly controls who is inside.

Only permission to leave the Camp “for good”                                                      As the security told us yesterday, it is not possible to get a permission to leave the Reception Center for some days and then come back. It is only possible to get a permission to leave the Reception Center for good, so their explanation. This seems really illogical. Two women and one man who are inside who we invite for the weekend, were waiting the whole day to even talk to the staff to ask for permission. They were told to wait, but in the end all the responsible staff just left. In the end they couldn’t come, because they were afraid to lose their place in the inside the Reception Center.

Info-event in Belgrade with guests from Bogovadja                                            Sunday night we had a small informal info-discussion-event with migrants form Bogovadja jungles. Main topics of the event were possibilities of self organization in Bogovadja and support from outside. Our guests from Bogovadja jungles spoke about the situation there and their personal experiences. We showed some scenes from a documentary about self-organized refugee struggles in Germany (“Marsch der Wuerde”). Afterwards the space for discussion was opened.

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